Bee Beehives and Bee nests Explained

Bees Beehives and Bee Nests in Minecraft Explained

Quick and simple tutorial of Bees Beehives and Bee Nests Explained. How bees pollinate, where they live and all the information that may be helpful for you in a step by step tutorial.

Bees Beehives and Bee Nests Explained

Bees Beehives and Bee Nests Explained

Bees Explained

Bees are a nice feature to have on the game but they are over looked a lot of the time. You may from time to time run past some that are busy collecting some pollen to turn into honey whilst your out adventuring.

How ever these clever little things have many qualities that can be used in your normal survival world.

Where Can I Find Bees?

To find bees you will need to have a look for them in either the Plains Biome, the Sunflower Plains Biome or The Sunflower Forest. You will often find them near their bees nest, which you will find on a tree.

Bees Beehives and Bee Nests Explained

How Can I Harvest Honey to Make Honey Blocks Or Honey Comb

To harvest the Honey from either the Honey Block or Honey Comb you will need a glass bottle. How ever if you try to take it with out any precautions you will find the bees start to attack you immediately. The same will happen if you break their nest or hive.

Bees Beehives and Bee Nests Explained

To stop this all you need to do is place a camp fire underneath the beehive or nest and they will stay in a calm state so you can collect the honey and go about your business.

How to Obtain A Bees Hive or Nest

You are able to craft a Beehive, however your not able to craft a bee nest, this must be found and can only be collected with a silk touch pick axe.

To craft a Beehive you will need any type of wooden planks and honeycomb.


Bees will venture out up to 22 blocks away from their nest to look for flowers, when they collect pollen from the flowers they drop particles of pollen along their journey back. So if you plant your crops where bees will pass, you will benefit from the extra growth provided from the pollen. It works in the same way as bone meal but on a smaller scale and you will see greater growth in crops grown with pollen sprinkled on them frequently.

Transporting Bees

There are currently two ways to transport bees around the world. First will be by holding a flower in your hand and you will find the bees will follow you now and stay in a calm state (you can also use this method and keep the flower in your off hand to harvest honey)

The second method is with a lead, you can attach them and bring them with you much like a horse or other animal.

Bees Beehives and Bee Nests Explained

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bees beehives and bee nests explained

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