Top 22 Best Minecraft
Modpacks for 2021

Mods (short for “modifications”) are the best way to add variety to Minecraft. Installing and using Minecraft modpacks is free. Also, you can use several of these mods at the same time.

But there are several thousands of mods available for Minecraft. If you don’t want to install every mod individually, you can use Minecraft modpacks. Modpacks are groups of Minecraft mods that bring loads of added features in one go.


How to Download Modpacks for Minecraft?

The first step to using modpacks for added functionality, form, features, and fun is downloading them. While downloading the modpacks, make sure you don’t use shady sources. If you use unreliable sources, you might accidentally download malware and viruses.

The best place for downloading modpacks is the Official Minecraft Forum. You can also find safe options at PlanetMinecraft, CurseForge, or TechnicPack. Once you have downloaded the Modpack, you need to install it to begin playing.

How to Install Minecraft Modpacks?

There are two ways in which you can install Minecraft modpacks.

You can call our experts to help you with the server-side installation. Or you can learn how to install Minecraft modpacks manually.

Want to learn a simple way to do that? Read our “how to add modpacks to Minecraft” guide for manual installation instructions.

How to Download Modpacks for Minecraft?

The first step to using modpacks for added functionality, form, features, and fun is downloading them. While downloading the modpacks, make sure you don’t use shady sources. If you use unreliable sources, you might accidentally download malware and viruses.

The best place for downloading modpacks is the Official Minecraft Forum. You can also find safe options at PlanetMinecraft, CurseForge, or TechnicPack. Once you have downloaded the Modpack, you need to install it to begin playing.

To find other modded servers to play on once you download and install your modpack is on CurseForge. Here you can find the most popular modded servers to join on and enjoy the full modded multiplayer experience.

1. CrazyCraft 4

CrazyCraft 4, as the name suggests, is a modpack that is filled with crazy mods. It has 88 mods and a random customizer that makes the experience different for every user.

Also, you can switch off the scrambled recipes for comfortable gameplay.

Orespawn, Tragic MC, and HBM Nuclear tech are some of the most notable mods in the pack.

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2. SevTech: Ages

Do you truly want to experience Minecraft’s sandbox experience while keeping the vanilla vibe intact? If yes, SevTech: Ages is the modpack for you.

The modpack keeps updating to add more enhancements to keep you entertained. Also, it features a few custom mods that will offer players the best experience. With this modpack, you will unlock ages as you progress. You start with nothing and move forward to unlock thousands of features and items.

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3. The Pixelmon Modpack

If you are a pokemon lover, you can enjoy pokemon-themed Minecraft with The Pixelmon Modpack. From pokemon exploration to capturing and battling – the modpack has everything.

Pixelmon mod is the primary mod in the pack. The Pixelmon OST, Journeymap, Biomes O’plenty, Gameshark, BoP Patcher, and PixelExtras are also included. And it is a must-have for Pokemon enthusiasts.

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4. RLCraft

If you think that vanilla Minecraft is too simple for your liking, try the RLCraft modpack. It comes with plenty of mods tweaked a bit to run fluidly with one another and to alter the original behavior.

RLCraft stands for Real Life/Realism Craft. And it aims to offer players an immersive experience and survival-themed adventure.

According to the creator, you’ll be dying a lot and if that excites you, give RLCraft a try.

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5. SkyFactory 4

SkyFactory 4 offers players a brand new experience. And it has a lot of enhancements that have never been seen before. The resource gathering system has been totally revamped. And this is what makes this version different from its prior counterparts.

It also comes with an optional game mode called the Prestige system. This option allows users to use an open progression system to unlock more mods, items, and mechanics.

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6. All the Mods 6

The name All the Mods suggests something that is not even possible. It does not contain all the mods. But enough mods to make sure your Minecraft experience is nothing less than perfect.

All the Mods started as a private pack for a few friends. But its sheer brilliance made it a public favorite as soon as it was made available. With continuous updates and regular bug fixes, All the Mods 6 is a gamers’ delight.

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7. Hexxit

If you seek an unparalleled adventure from Minecraft, don’t miss Hexxit. It is an adventure modpack that brings with it dangerous dragons and dungeons. Clear the dungeons and fight and train the dragons. The riches are for you to claim, and you have all the liberty to write your own story.

It has 55 mods that include Xeno’s Reliquary, Tinkers Constructs, Soul Shards, and more. Unlock adventures that you won’t find elsewhere with Hexxit.

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8. Space Astronomy 2

If you want something extraordinary, Space Astronomy 2 is the modpack that will make sure your Minecraft experience is out of this world (literally!).

It comes with the latest space-themed mods and is a great pick for those who are a fan of astronomy. Also, it is essential to note that the modpack has no quests. However, it is a goal-based modpack. Use the achievement book to find out what you need to do and what steps to follow.

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9. Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons

If you don’t mind crawling across dungeons and enjoy exploring structures for loot, try Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons. Unlike a few other modpacks, this one isn’t going to confuse you with tech. It is for those who crave exploration, discovery, dungeons and fighting.

You can also check out new dimensions like Aether, Cavern, Twilight Forest, Betweenlands, etc. Explore dungeons, fight mobs that grow stronger as you progress, and earn valuable rewards in return. All with one modpack.

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10. Advanced Wizardry

Are you up for building your empire on your own? Or with friends? You’ll have to start with nothing, though. If the challenge excites you, Advanced Wizardry should be your pick.

It is a unique mix between tech and magic that satiates lovers of both genres.

With mods like Blood Magic, Botania, and Forbidden Magic, among others, it is the key to a wholesome experience for Minecraft lovers.

11. FTB Academy

If you haven’t tried mods before, FTB Academy is the mod that you should start with. FTB Academy comes with 300 quests and 100 pages of guides. And this will make sure that you get a walkthrough of the progressions in common mods.

There are no altered recipes or changed progressions other than the School, which is also where you’ll spawn. It also comes with great tutorials to learn modded concepts like magic, tech, and even automation. An all-in-all great modpack to start your modded Minecraft journey.

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12. The 1.7.10 Pack

Most modpacks promise a lot. But not always do they deliver what is promised. The 1.7.10 Pack is different. It delivers more than what you’d expect. With 200 mods, it is a loaded offering that keeps you truly in charge.

The world is yours to create and experiment with. Explore what new dimensions hold for you, build massive blocks with technology, and add some magic to the mix. And optional quests will make things even more fun. The possibilities are endless.

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13. FTB MageQuest

Magic spells, forbidden knowledge, and secrets to uncover at every step. If that is how you want your Minecraft experience to be, don’t miss the FTB MageQuest modpack.

It is a Feed The Beast and CurseForge modpack that is a collection of mostly magic mods. And with its ever-increasing popularity, it has become a ‘sequel’ to the Magic World 2 modpack. While Magic World 2 was for Minecraft 1.6.4, FTM MageQuest is suitable for Minecraft 1.7.10. The latter also comes with Fastcraft that can increase performance and enhance the experience.

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14. Infinity Evolved

If you want to enjoy all sorts of mods and not stay restricted to just one type, Infinity Evolved is the modpack for you. It is a generic modpack with over 150 mods, suitable for the average player.

To spice things up for Minecraft lovers, it comes with two difficulty levels. You can choose from the normal or experts mode, depending on what kind of gameplay you seek. Also, you can switch between the two modes without having to restart the server. FTB Tweaks makes that possible. Infinity Evolved is a multipurpose modpack suitable for small and medium servers.

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15. Regrowth

Imagine if everything around you goes blank. And you have to work your way towards creating a new, thriving world. Now, take your imagination to Minecraft. Does the thought excite you? Will you be able to rebuild a world on your own (or with a team)? Well, if you are up for the challenge, Regrowth is the modpack for you. You start with a wasteland. And there are no hardware aspects to be found.

With the unique combination of adventure and creativity, Regrowth is an excellent pick for those who can persist in the face of adversity.

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16. Project Ozone 2: Reloaded

A blank canvas world awaits you in Project Ozone 2: Reloaded. The rules are simple. Go on a quest and get extra lives and loot to reach your goals. But there are three difficulty modes to make things more fun (and a lot more challenging).

The normal mode is a sweet, simple way to go about your way. The Titan mode is a level up from that, and the recipes are harder to deal with. Still think it is easy for you? Well, try the Kappa mode. It is the super challenging mode that will bring out the problem solver and go-getter in you.

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17. Agrarian Skies 2

You never know what is safe and what’s not with Agrarian Skies 2. A skyblock quest pack, Agrarian Skies 2 makes players start from scratch. However, if you aren’t up for a challenge yet, the easy mode does give you some relief.  What resources you start with depends on the difficulty mode you choose.

If you want to play Minecraft with a difference, you can trust Agrarian Skies 2 to give you a unique experience.

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18. Revelations

Revelations is a heavy-duty mod pack with over 200 mods. Do you think that so many mods together will cause performance issues and stability concerns? Revelations will make you believe otherwise. The mod choice and design keep in mind stability and performance.

Also, it isn’t a theme-focused mod. It is built to cater to a large number of players with diverse choices. There is something for everyone in here. Another fascinating fact is that the mods aren’t tweaked too much. This makes sure you get the experience that the mod developers intended to offer.

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19. DireWolf20

DireWolf20 is an American Youtuber who plays Minecraft on his Youtube channel. Michael, AKA DireWolf20, has a dedicated viewership. And the Feed The Beast team has created the DireWolf20 modpack, especially for his fans.

Named after the Youtuber, the modpack aims to keep up with his Youtube video series. And help players play along. It is a large-sized modpack suitable for those who love adventure and DireWolf20. It is an all-purpose modpack that includes both tech and magical aspects.

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20. Sky Adventures

Not everyone plays Minecraft to follow a set path. Some players just want to have fun. Without set routes and progressions to tie them down to the basics. And Sky Adventures is a modpack that does just that.

You start the journey by collecting essentials. There is no need to follow a set progression rule. Just reach the end. In whatever way you want. Yup, Sky Adventure doesn’t have a forced progression system for its quests. You can take whatever route you want to. Just get started and have fun like never before.

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21. Forever Stranded

Food and water are the basics of survival. And that is what you need to survive when you are playing Minecraft with the Forever Stranded modpack. You are on a planet that has nothing but sand. And it is hot. You need water, to begin with, and then you’ll want food too. And while you try and find resources, you will also have to fight weird creatures.

And guess what? The map is set to hardcore. The challenge is tough. But don’t worry; you’ll get lives too, once you progress. The modpack is a multiplayer series. And many fans also consider it a spiritual successor of the Project Ozone modpack.

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22. Beyond

Ideal for individuals and small and medium level teams, Beyond is a modpack for every player. No matter what you want from your game, this kitchen-sink modpack has it all. Those who are new to the game can learn, experiment, and explore. And the master gamers can test their skills, flaunt their know-how, and find new and exciting challenges.

The modifications to original mods are minimum, which means you get a very original feel. With plenty of mods and no specific theme, Beyond makes sure you enjoy with no boundaries.

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You can select any of these modpacks based on your preferences and enjoy Minecraft.

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