Minecraft Tutorials
Plugins Guides
Guides for Minecraft server plugins, anti cheats, grief prevention and other handy plugins to enhance your Minecraft server.
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Multicraft Dashboard
Find guides on how to operate your server through your dashboard and make the most of your Minecraft server.
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Mods & Modpacks
Help installing forge, fabric and modpacks that you can setup on your Minecraft server, along with mod support.
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Find out how to turn your server into one of the many minigame servers available to you by using plugins and mods to create a custom minigame server.
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Guides on installing and setting up your Bedrock server here with SeekaHost. Using the server jar selection you can easily change between versions to Bedrock.
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General Minecraft tutorials, from help with setup to plugins to stop cheaters. Find all sorts of Minecraft tutorials including payment related support for your server.
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You can check the entire dashboard using our virtual dashboard. Check all the features you will get and get a complete overview of the multicraft dashboard you will be using to control your server.

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