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Minecraft sponsorship
Content Creator

My name is Abenz! I'm a British Minecraft streamer and YouTuber who mainly posts RP and plugin Challenge content of various types! I want to do everything I can to make your day so come on over and help me out 😀

itsven minecraft sponsorship
Its Ven
Content Creator

Hi, I'm Ven (he/him) and I am just trying to have fun, don't judge. I play games I like all while having fun and making content! Follows are Appreciated, please use the socials below to find me. Or use the check stream button to see if I'm live now.

minecraft content creator sponsorship
The Spoon
Content Creator

Hi my name is Spoon and I try to make people happy by sharing my positive energy! Watching my streams will feel like walking in the clouds with unicorns surrounding you!! If you don't know what that feels like you better go watch!

Minecraft modpack sponsorship
Content Creator

I'm a small, LGBTQ+ friendly streamer who plays mostly Minecraft but also a range of other fun games at times, and I love interacting with my Twitch chat and community! I'm also a musician and songwriter as well as all of this. 

Content Creator

Mostly, my streams consist of attempting to break my current personal best, as well a few other Minecraft and gaming activities in an active, chilled environment.
Although, you always gotta get hyped from time to time, right?

xp goose
XP Goose
Content Creator

I am goose, hello. Welcome to my channel, enjoy your stay! You can find all my socials and channels I post on using the links below. Make sure to drop in on my live stream and we can say hi and play some games!

Jamin Astro
Content Creator

22 y/o UK based Streamer. Streaming all sorts of games solo and with friends! Hardcore, Modded & Vanilla Minecraft, games with friends, and chilled streams, we've got it all! I love talking with chat so come along and say hi!!

jdog logo
Content Creator

Hi there, I am a Minecraft and gaming content creator. I love to create server tutorials as well as bedrock command block inventions. I some times stream but mostly make pre recorded videos to help others with servers.

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Content Creator
Minecraft Content Creator Sponsorship
Do you create content on Minecraft for any of the popular social platforms? We love to work with content creators due to audience engagement. If you feel you have some solid supporters and want to get sponsored then let us know! We work with our creators to grow your channel as well as provide servers, payments and provide monthly competitions to win extra prizes.
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Mod & Add-on Creator
Minecraft Mod, Modpack and Add on Creator Sponsorship
Do you create mods, modpack or add on's for Minecraft? If your mods are starting to get popular then get in touch with us for sponsorship as we can help provide servers for you to use. Payments for advertising us on your modpack or socials or help with development.
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Plugin Creator
Minecraft Plugin Creator Sponsorship
Plugins are vital for many servers and they take time to code and perfect. We love to work with plugin creators as the reach for users is massive. So get in touch to start getting sponsored for your plugins and start earning some money from them by advertising our brand.
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Affiliate Earning
Make Money With Your Affiliate Code
We provide affiliate codes for any user of our servers. This provides a 20% commission from the first payment of anyone that signs up using your link. Meaning that you don't need to be sponsored to make money. Simply start your first server, check your affiliate area and start sharing your affiliate code to start earning.
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What We Provide As Sponsors

There is a variety of things we can provide for you once we sponsor you. Starting first with Minecraft servers for your personal use or to share with your community. Payments are made for periods you are working with us as well as affiliate codes that earn a higher commission than normal affiliate codes. We also share your content as well as create a profile for you on here so others can find you.


As well as providing servers, payments, affiliate codes and social sharing options we also provide monthly competitions for all our sponsors for a chance to win monetary prizes. This not only gives everyone a chance to record some content with others but enables anyone we sponsor to win extra prizes too.

What We Expect From Our Sponsors

We are keen to work with our sponsors rather than just over advertise. We prefer subtle mentions, sharing of affiliate codes and any good interactions with viewers for our services. In general we have a chat about your schedule and see how best to fit in mentions for our Minecraft server hosting. So from live mentions, links or adding a sponsored by picture on your modpack we are willing to work with you if you show enthusiasm and an ability grow user engagement with our website.

Crossplatform server SeekaHost
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We work with a variety of Minecraft creators to create unique sponsorship deals to suit both parties.

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