How To Play Minecraft Multiplayer

With Friends On PC At Home?

There is nothing more fun than playing Minecraft. Well, except for playing Minecraft with friends

The Minecraft multiplayer mode lets you play with your pals for unprecedented fun. And all you need to unleash a different level of gaming fun is your PC, other players, and the game itself. Confused about how to do that? Well, if you've watched the video above then you know all possible ways to enjoy Minecraft with your mates.

Minecraft - The King of Video Games

A sandbox video game with unlimited options and so many modpacks available for customization, Minecraft doesn’t disappoint anyone.

You can spend hours creating your own world. However, you have to first start by surviving against all odds. But, once you get the hang of things, you can also thrive in the world of Minecraft. And it is always good to have friends along.

Getting Started With Minecraft

Once you have purchased Minecraft, here’s how you can begin playing

  • 1Go to the Minecraft official website and launch the installer.
  • 2Then head straight to the menu of games and select the game that you wish to play.
  • 3You’ll be now taken to a login page where you’ll need to use your registered id and password.
  • 4Adjust the basic settings regarding the number of players, game language, graphics, and sound.
  • 5Start playing the best-selling video game of all time.

(Quick hack: You can go to the More Options menu to activate cheat codes and get better control of the world that you have created.)

Minecraft Mods - Choosing Your Game Play

Once you have purchased Minecraft, here’s how you can begin playing

  • 1Survival Mode - Gather necessary items to fulfill your needs, and try to do what the name of the mode says, survive.
  • 2Create Mode - Start by surviving, and while you are alive, create a Minecraft world of your own.
  • 3Adventure Mode - Want some fun (read: challenging) tasks to be thrown your way? Set out to complete multiple missions in the aptly named adventure mode.
  • 4Spectator Mode - If you are looking for a way to see others and learn to play, this is the mode for you. Become an invisible spectator and watch how others run the world.
  • 5Hardcore Mode - This one is for the ultimate gamers. Challenging tasks, more significant stakes, and graver consequences. And no revival to give you a second chance if you are killed.

Playing Minecraft with Friends - Making the Most of the Multiplayer Mode

There are plenty of ways to play Minecraft with your friends. And the ways that we’ll be discussing today are suitable for different types of players. 

You can watch our quick video guide at the top of this page to start playing with your friends, but if you need more guidance the below steps will help too.

  • 1Split Screen Method If you and your friend are playing on a gaming console, you can use this method.
    • Press the ‘Create New World’ option on your console.
    • Ask the other player to press the ‘Three lines’ button near the Start button on their controller.
    • They will then be able to select an account and log in.
    • Your screen will then split, and you can play with a friend.
  • 2Visible LAN Servers If you want to play with those who are present at your house and share the same network, you can use the LAN server method.
    • Open the game.
    • Connect with your single-player world.
    • Press Esc to open the menu.
    • Select the Open to LAN option.
    • Adjust the settings and start playing.
    Others can join your server by going to the Multiplayer Tab and selecting your username and the name of your Minecraft world.
  • 3Join a Java Edition Server
    • Go to the Minecraft website → Multiplayer Tab.
    • Click on Add Server → Enter the name of your world, your IP address, and port. Press Done.
    • Now, select the server that has been added to the Multiplayer tab. Click on Join to start playing.
  • 4Join a Bedrock Edition Server
    • Go to the Minecraft website → select the Play option.
    • Click on Add Server in the Server tab.
    • Enter your server name and IP address.
    • Save and click on the desired server to join and start playing.
  • 5Creating Minecraft Realms You can also join or create realms in the Javascript or Bedrock edition. In both these versions, you have to first purchase the realms, and then you can start playing. If you want to join a realm that was created by someone else, you need to get an invite from them.
  • 6Creating your own Minecraft Server If you don’t want to stay reliant on others or limit your playing options, you can create your own Minecraft server. With SeekaHost, you can get your own server hosting within minutes, and our team of experts will help you set up your own server too.
    • You are free to decide the version of Minecraft to play with.
    • You can add as many players as you want (depending on the hosting plan you choose).
    • You can use mods and modpacks to truly customize the game to your liking.

Playing With Your Friends With SeekaHost Minecraft Hosting

Before you get started with all the Minecraft Multiplayer options listed, you can check out the different Minecraft server hosting options that we offer right here.

Once you have made the payment for your preferred plan, you will get an email with the next set of instructions. You can also check out this comprehensive guide to set up your own Minecraft server. 

Play with your Friends between Bedrock and Java

With the use of the Geyser and Floodgate plugins, players can now even play between Bedrock and Java version!

You will need a server for this and after following our simple tutorial you can get playing with Java and Bedrock players in minutes.

These ground-breaking developers have managed to pull off what everyone thought was impossible by translating all the code between games, allowing everyone to enjoy Minecraft together.


1. Start up a Paper/Spigot server.

2. Download the Geyser and Floodgate plugins.

3. Upload the plugins to your server.

4. In the Geyser config.yml file change the IP and Port numbers to match your hosting IP and Port.

5. Start your server back up and you’re ready.

You can also find your IP address there and share it with others who will be able to join your server simply by entering your IP address and the name of your world.

With our game panel, getting started with your Minecraft server is quick and easy for all the unlimited Multiplayer fun with Minecraft.