How to Change Minecraft Seeds on Your Server

How to Change Minecraft Seeds on Your Server

How to change your Minecraft Seeds on Your Server for Bedrock or Java Edition in a few easy steps. Part of our Complete Minecraft Server Guide.

How to Change Minecraft Seeds on Your Server Tutorial

How to Change Minecraft Seeds Written Guide

Step 1 Get Your Minecraft Seeds

Find a Minecraft seed that you want to use. For bedrock you can find our some good Minecraft Seeds from our  Top 5 Bedrock Seeds article.

Once you have got a seed number for your correct version. For example if your playing Java 1.16.5, then you need the seed to be relevant for Java and 1.16 and above.

Then go ahead and stop your server.


Step 2 Insert The Seed Number

With your server stopped, now head over to Files and then Config Files. Now select server settings and navigate down to where it asks you for your Level Seed.

Here you need to type in your world seed number, once entered then go to the bottom of the page and hit save.

This will now use this seed to generate the next world once your server restarts.

How to Change Minecraft Seeds on Your Server

Step 3 Generating Our World

Due to the world you currently have listed on your server already been generated you will need to create a new one. To do this simply type your new world name into the World option on your Multicraft Control Panel. Then press save underneath.

Now all you have left to do is start up your server and the world will generate on the new seed your selected.

Step 4 Deleting Old World

In addition to that if you want to save space on your server file you can remove the old un used world. If you want to create a back up to restore at a later date we have an easy tutorial here. To delete the original world that you started of with simply go to FTP Files Access Via the File Option.

Select the world you want to delete, one checked press delete and you will be left with only the new world you just created with your new seed.

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