Forever Stranded Modpack

Forever Stranded Modpack Overview

The Ultimate modpack for survival starting with nothing but a few items in a chest. Survive and thrive after your plane crash in the dessert.

forever stranded modpack

The Forever Stranded Modpack

If your looking for a real challenge, this is the modpack for you. After crash landing in a barren dessert you are left with nothing but the broken plane. A few items in a chest and nothing else.

Not only that but the land around you is sand dessert with no dirt to grow trees. I mean literally no dirt! For anyone just starting, you get your first piece of dirt by completing the first quests.

Another thing to note is that the only choice is hardcore. Thats right! 1 life to start with in this barren land with little to no food. Fortunately you do gain more as the game progress so just be really careful at nights and make sure to stay close to you crashed plane.

Forever Stranded Modpack

Creating Trees and Gathering Wood

This modpack has made normal crafting and functionality completely different. To eventually make more dirt you first need to create a tree and infest is with worms. Worms can be collected by breaking leaves from your first tree.

You can then infect more trees with these worms and then begin the process of making dirt.

Survival in Forever Stranded Modpack

Surviving is hard, I wont lie. With the fact you are on hardcore. No natural resources around and little to no water sources. You arent off to the best start. Create a hook tool to collect more resources from each item as that is a must.

Start small and try to keep the wood resources coming in as well as anything your able to grow for food. A good episode to follow along with is Nathan Worstel. You can follow along with his survival episodes and learn what the basic of the game are as well as do them yourself.

Having a good knowledge of the waste land and how to craft and use the mods provided will help you a lot.

Just to make it even harder you have localised weather that will often blog sand storms over your area. These create sand layers that build up over time. So make sure to clear them otherwise you might find your whole base and crashed plane buried deep under sand.

Along with this you have dehydration, so you need to stay ontop of water production. And also effects from temperature. Keep warm when it is cold otherwise your health will drop. Same applies if your in the heat for too long.

Luckily you start with one potion to deflect the heat effects. But this wont last long in the heated dessert world.forever stranded health bar


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