ftb revelation modpack

FTB Revelation Modpack Overview

Great for server, this large modpack is an all purpose modpack that all should try if they want a bit of every mod.

ftb revelation modpack

Using FTB Revelation on Minecraft Servers

They have adjusted this modpack to perform much better on multiplayer platforms. With some Modpacks requiring an insane amount of ram and server memory, its nice to see a large modpack trying to make it self more usable for servers.

It wants to promote good performance and stability for better gameplay and is generally catering for the larger audience even in terms of mods

ftb revelation modpack

What Features Does FTB Revelation Have?

There area huge amount of mods to use on here. We wont be listing them all as this post would go on for ever. As an all purpose modpack this includes many of the main category mods you might want to play.

World Generation

For world generation they have gone for Biomes o Plenty, a very popular mod due to the diverse world generation it creates for your world.

Tech and Factory Machines

ftb revelation modpack factory

A popular mod of course is power, generation and machines to power and use. This has a massive range of machines you can power to help you with all sorts of things. From faster smelting to creating new items needed for other mods. Making new and exiting ways to process items crops and more.

ftb revelation modpack

You can create automatic drills, whole processing or nuclear factories. With working power or fluid pipes to move your products around the area.

Another popular engineering mod is immersive engineering, you can use this to craft starter power generation stations like windmills, to more complicated metals presses, ammo presses and even gun turrets to protect your base.

ftb revelation modpack


Jet Packs on The FTB Revelation Modpack

What better way to get around that a fully functional jet pack? Power it up with the immersive engineering mod and you can be flying high in the sky in no time. Make sure to keep enough fuel to get back though otherwise you might find yourself taking a long fall!

ftb revelation modpack jet pack

Tinkers Construct

More tools and weapons are a must with such large Modpacks as there are more items to mine, find and collect. As well as different or harder mobs to defend yourself from.

Along with others weapons and tools you will find tinkers tools mods with a nice array of tools.

ftb revelation modpack mods

Magic and Brewing

Love the brewing and potion side of the modding? You wont be let down here as it includes many of the favourite magical mods to get the ordinary and extraordinary potions.

ftb revelation modpack potions

And of course if your going to be casting magic spells you need a wands right? This would be brilliant to set up as an olivanders type shop in your server. Selling all the best wands to wana be wizards and witches.

ftb revelation modpack magic


This is great not only for a Minecraft server, but also for when you want mods. But your unsure what to get in to. Or for when your feeling confined with Modpacks only allowing you to use specific mods, this one lets you mind run free and have most other fun mods available when needed.

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