Sky Adventure Modpack

FTB Sky Adventures Modpack Overview

Looking for a Skyblock modpack with a difference? Try FTB Sky Adventures for a unique currency based Skyblock style modpack.

FTB Sky Adventures Modpack Island

What Is The FTB Sky Adventures Modpack?

You will find a great mix of Skyblock, magic, tech and currency in this modpack.

Aimed at making the fasted producing Skyblock possible with efficient machines and other items to make your Island a working factory for your needs.

Sky Adventure Modpack currency mod

Based on Project-E for resource collecting you might need to check a few tutorials first to get yourself used to the resource gathering system. Quests are unique in the way you can earn currency from them which you dont see in many other Modpacks.

Sky Adventure Modpack Currency

Immersive Engineering Mod

Using power and transferring it wouldnt be the same with out the well known immersive engineering mod. Create power and use wires to have it going to the right machine. Power your factory from older methods or newer power making methods.

Sky Adventure Modpack power mod

If you have power your going to need some reactors, create more power and power larger and better machines to make you grinding automated and easy to leave you more time to grow your Skyblock base into a Skyblock mega base.

Sky Adventure Modpack reactors

Blood Magic Mod

Want to create Runes, Crucibles or Ritual blocks? If your looking to create some magic using the Blood Magic mod then you wont be disappointed. This well known mod has been added to create a fully immersive modpack with both tech and magic.

Sky Adventure Modpack

Not only do they have bees as its a 1.16.5 version but they also included magic bees in case normal bee keeping isnt exiting enough for you.

Sky Adventure Modpack bees

Quest System

Its got a fully interactive quest system with lots of fun quests and more importantly cash rewards! As this modpack can also be played multiplayer on a server then this could get quite competitively quite quickly with friends.

Sky Adventure Modpack quest


With many Modpacks having a lot of the same features its hard to find ones that stand out these days. Thats why its refreshing to see someone go with something a little different like adding cash rewards that you can spend or use in the modpack.

Currency creates it self on multiplayer servers. With something as simple a $5 note, you suddenly have something to add worth too when swapping with others. Need diamonds? Much easier to exchange currency notes with friends for items making it one well known currency.

It of course has many of the well known mods that FTB has to offer as well as a lot of CurseForge ones also. From magic to tech and even fun entity and prize packages. This will keep you on your toes!

Sky Adventure Modpack ducks


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