How to Change Gamemode in Minecraft

How to Change Gamemode in Minecraft

Own a server and want to know How to Change Gamemode in Minecraft? There are a few ways your able to do this either in game or through your server console.

The fastest way is in game as you can just type a command and it changed over straight away. This will require you to have the relevant permissions on your server to be able to carry this out.

If you are also new to the server you will need to use the console to give yourself operator status so we have included both methods in the tutorial.

What is OP?

It’s operator permission given to players so that they can access commands or other features. On Bedrock edition the player with operator permission will be able to use cheats and commands, you can adjust permissions for op’s on your server settings. On Java, its a similar case but you can alter their abilities using group or permission plugins and setting groups different commands they can use. To OP a player, in the console type op (gamer tag) e.g. op jdog123 and press enter. If you are already an OP on the server you can run the command /op (gamer tag) or /deop if you need to take away that permission.

What Gamemode’ s are Available?

Adventure Mode

In this mode, you are unable to build or break blocks and can only interact with items such as buttons, levers and mobs (e.g. killing a mob or trading with villagers)

This mode is perfect for adventure maps where the focus is more on completing a course or a level rather than building or survival. You are able to die from fall damage or any other type of damage in this mode.

On Java edition, you can break blocks providing you have world edit installed.

Survival Mode

In this mode, you can break and build blocks. You can also interact with all of the environment around you including friendly or unfriendly mobs.

Your crafting menu is accessible but only by gathering resources to create these items with. You can find items to use for crafting all around the world.

This mode is perfect for survival games and communities that like to engage with others and share experiences on one map together. You are able to die from fall damage or any other type of damage in this mode.

Creative Mode

In this mode, you have all crafted items and other items you cant craft available in your crafting menu, from mob spawning eggs to totems of undying. You also now have access to flying and don’t receive any damage from falls, mobs, lava or anything else. Mods will now ignore you as if you arent even there.

This game mode is perfect for building as you can reach great heights and have the use of all of the blocks without having to find the materials to craft them first.

Spectator Mode

In this mode, you are almost like a ghost in terms of not interacting with the world at all. You cant press any buttons or levers, neither can you trade with villagers or hurt other players.

Your player will go invisible and you also able to pass through walls or any other structures.

This game mode is used mostly by administrators to check on other players but also for minigames in the periods your waiting to respawn again.

This game mode only works in Java Edition and some MCPE versions.

How to Change Gamemode in Minecraft


How to Change Gamemode in Minecraft Through Your Console

Step 1

On your multicraft control panel select the console button on the left.

Step 2

Type gamemode (the required gamemode) (user name) e.g. gamemode creative Jdog123

How to Change Gamemode Minecraft

To target players, in other ways, you can use the @a @e @r @p or @s feature

  • @a – everyone
  • @e – entities
  • @r – random player
  • @s – self

For example, you can type gamemode survival @a to affect everyone on the server

How to Change Gamemode in Minecraft In game

For Bedrock make sure cheats are enabled to do this in game. For Java, you will need to be OP or have the relevant permissions given to you.

Step 1

Bring up your chat bar and press forward slash (/)

Step 2

Type in the following command followed by the gamemode you want to implement and then who or what you would like it to effect.

/gamemode (the mode) (what to effect)

For example we will give gamemode creative to the nearest player.

/gamemode creative @p

Or if you want it to be for your friend called hello bob with a space in his gamer tag, simply type the command like this.

/gamemode creative “hello bob”

Use the quotation marks on either side of a gamer tag with spaces within the name.

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