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How to Change Your World Type on your Minecraft Server to a Flat World

If you’re wondering how to change your world type on your server to a Minecraft flat world, then this post will explain everything you need to know, from installing a flat world to amplified height limit and also large biomes.

What is Minecraft Flat World used for?

You can use a flat world for a variety of reasons, from creating minigames where you need a large open area to be able to create it in, to making Minecraft pixel art or perhaps even your own huge city or town!

The world file is also considerably smaller for a flat world as nothing but the first few layers of ground will generate anywhere you go.

You can also change the way your flat world generated with an awesome feature called the flat world generator on the Minecraft Tools website.

From here you can custom generate many options and then download the pre-set once all configured to your liking.

Can I change back from a flat world?

In the video we will show you exactly how to change the world and also change back, all worlds are saved as different files within your server so accessing them is as simple as restarting the server with the correct file name in the category World.

How to Change Your World To Minecraft Flat World

Step 1

First, rename the world you want to start as a flat world on the World option on your Multicraft control panel, save the settings on the bottom and then just head to the Files section and then scroll one down to Config files.

Multicraft control panel

Step 2

Head to the first option which is Server Settings and click there.

Step 3

Select the type of world you want from the drop-down menu, for this example, we are creating a flat world.

Step 4

Restart your server with the new server name, once started back up you can log in and find your brand new flat world.

Flat world

More Information on Super Flat worlds

In a classic Superflat world, the terrain consists of one layer of bedrock, two layers of dirt, and one layer of grass blocks. Because the entire world is a plains biome by default, villages generate relatively frequently in Java Edition, while in Bedrock Edition villages do not generate in Flat worlds.

The surface of the world is completely flat and at Y=4, except for villages and other structures if they are enabled. Since the height limit (256) is unchanged, there is almost one-third more vertical height available to build above-ground structures as compared to a normal world. Mobs still spawn normally. Because of the low altitude of the world, slimes spawn frequently.

When making a Superflat world, the player almost always spawns on the topmost layer and, on some block types, within a 20×20 area. Structures may not fully generate if the topmost layer is too low. In Bedrock Edition, the player always spawns at X/Z coordinates 0,0.

For a more in-depth look at every aspect of Superflat worlds head to the wiki page.

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