How to Remove Player’s Data from your Minecraft Server

If you looking for how to delete player data from Minecraft server, either to free up memory or just because he or she no longer plays on your server then we have a quick and easy tutorial here to do so.

Your player data is saved on each world you create so if you have multiple worlds you may need to do this multi times to take the data all all the worlds. That been said you can also delete data of some worlds and not others, so the choice is yours.

You will need the help of another site to find the players UUID, to open up another page with this site press here. You can use this UUID to find players on the folder as it does not display them via their gamer tag.

Tutorial on How to Delete Player Data from Minecraft Server

Step 1

You will need to find the UUID of the player your looking to remove the data from, the easiest way to access this is by using the players in game user name.

Simply take a note of the exact name of the players user name and head over to MCUUID.

On the site just type in the username and it will provide you with a full UUID for that particular player. Copy of this.

Step 3

Head back to your multicraft control panel and go to Files, then FTP File Access and proceed to log in. This will bring you to your main server files.

Step 4

Find the world that your looking to delete the players data from and open the directory.
Once opened it should look like the picture below. Go to playerdata.

Step 5

You will see a list of all the players UUID’s, to find the one you are after type Ctrl + f and paste the players UUID that you copied before into the search bar.

Press Enter and it will highlight the players folders. There will usually be two, one which ends .dat and one which ends .dat_old

Your done!

You can go ahead and delete both these files. Then restart your server and its done.

Hope this Minecraft server tutorial helps and now you know how to delete player data from Minecraft server.

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