How to Enable Hardcore Mode on a Minecraft Server

Are you looking to try Minecraft’s hardest setting on your server?

You can either follow our step by step instructions or follow the quick easy tutorial video below.

How to Enable Hardcore Mode on a Minecraft Server Tutorial

Features to be Aware of

If you have never tried hardcore mode on Minecraft before then its best to know what you are getting into before you set your whole server up to accommodate for this mode.

One Life

You get one life, that’s it! So don’t be too hasty about running into them mobs with little but a wooden sword. Its a game of strategy as one wrong move could lead to all your hard work lost, as there is no way to spawn back into that same world. Upon death, you can simply go into spectate mode, but not back into survival again.


Your hunger goes does much faster in hunger mode and you need to make sure to always keep a good amount of food supply ready just in case. From regular fishing trips to building your own farm, try anything you can to keep that hunger bar from falling.


In Hardcore mode, the hearts representing the player’s health look different, as they include dark red marks inside the icon.


The difficulty level in hardcore mode is always set to hard. Not only that but the options for cheats or bonus chests have been taken out completely for hardcore players. This is the hardest difficulty in Minecraft and for more experienced players or anyone brave enough to risk losing months of builds.

How to Enable Hardcore Mode on your Server

Step 1

From your Multicraft control panel head to your Files folder, click on this option and then config files underneath.

Step 2

Click on the Config files to head to your server settings.

Server settings

Step 3

Select server settings and then scroll down to hardcore mode, here you can choose to enable or disable it.

Once enabled or disabled simply tap Save at the bottom and head back to restart your Minecraft server.

Hardcore mode

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