install crazycraft 4 to your pc

How To Install The CrazyCraft 4 Modpack to Your PC

Step by step guide on how to install the CrazyCraft 4 modpack on your PC and start playing using the Void Wrath Launcher.

install crazycraft 4 modpack

Where Can I Download the CrazyCraft 4 Modpack?


This Modpack will not be found in CurseForge, FTB or other well known launchers. You will find this only on the Voids Wrath Launcher. A lesser known launcher that offers you many completely different Modpacks to normal.

Primarily based on older 1.7.1 versions they have some truly crazy and huge Modpacks you can play easily. With CrazyCraft 4 having hundreds of mods they tend to use 1.12.2 versions and below for stability with the game.

Luckily due to the amount of mods in the modpack you will certainly not be having the normal 1.7.1 experience when playing Minecraft, so lets get in to how to download the CrazyCraft 4 modpack to your PC.

voids wrath launcher

How to Install CrazyCraft 4 Modpack to a Window PC

  1. Search for Void Wrath Launcher or use the link here.
  2. Once on the main page navigate down to the “Play Free Now” button.
    download crazycraft 4
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Download For Windows
    download void launcher
  4. Once downloaded open the file and look for the “VoiLauncher.exe” and double click to open the Launcher. You might get a warning about opening this executable but its safe so procced.
    open void wrath launcher
  5. Sign in to you Mojang or Microsoft acount if you have migrated.
  6. Choose the “Modpacks” option from the main launcher page.
    install CrazyCraft 4 on void launcher
  7. Now select the CrazyCraft 4 modpack from the left and tap “Install” (mine is showing re install as I previously installed it).
  8. install crazycraft 4 my pc
  9. Now its just a case of pressing “Play” and you can start playing on CrazyCraft 4 using the Void Wrath Launcher.
    play crazycraft 4

Playing CrazyCraft 4 on a Server

As with most Modpacks you can also install the files on to a server and play this modpack with others. Grab yourself a server and upload all the correct files from the modpack to your server, including the correct forge jar.

If your not too tech savvy thats no problem. Simply send our team a ticket requesting the modpack on your server and we can get it installed for you. Meaning you can just follow the steps above and get playing with others on the CrazyCraft 4 Modpack.

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