How To Install The Villager Market Shop Plugin In Minecraft

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What Features Does The Villager Markets Plugin Have?

The shop plugin that is compatible from 1.9 to 1.19 gives you not only the basic features of a shop plugin but also goes further into more advanced features such as shop eggs for players to place and configure. Taxes for shops and even the ability to sell commands through the shop.

It requires three plugins so the currency works. These are the shop plugin it self, vault and also essentialsx or another currency plugin.

Admin Shops

Admin shops are for anyone to use and don’t need to be re stocked. Simply set  up the villager, the price, quantity and limits and they will be there for your players to buy or sell items.

Player Shops

These are shops that an admin can place for players to buy and use as their own shops. These shops can be rented for time periods or sold indefinitely.

Spawn Egg Shops

These shops are created in the same way as player shops but can be given in a egg format  so that the player can spawn the shop wherever they wish.

How To Install The Villager Market Shop Plugin

This is for Spigot or Paper servers using version 1.19

  1. Download Villager Market, Vault and Essentialsx plugins.
  2. Stop your Minecraft server and Connect to FileZilla.
  3. Upload all three plugins to your Plugins folder.
  4. Start your server back up.

How To Use Villager Market Shop Plugin For 1.19

Most commands for this plugin start with /vm …

Create Admin Shop

To create an admin shop you type /vm create admin and the a number between 1 – 6 or choose infinite for the storage/container capacity.

/vm create admin 1 Will create a admin shop for you to buy or sell good to the server.

Once the villager is created then simply right click and start to edit the shop.

buy and sell shop plugin minecraft

Create Player Shop

Now to create a player shop the command goes as follows.

/mv create player <shopsize between 1-6 or infinite> <storagesize between 1-6 or infinite> <price> <timeperiod>

For example if I wanted a shop that has 1 row of shop size, and 2 rows of storage size with a price of $500 and only for a duration of 12 hours i would type.

/mv create player 1 2 500 12h

Now the player will be able to buy this shop if they have enough of the currency for this duration. If you leave the time period empty it will be unlimited time.

buy player shop plugin

Create Spawn Egg Shop

So this command is /vm item give <player> <shopsize> <storagesize> [amount] so if I want to give a player called bob123 a shop with a size of 3 rows and storage size of 1 with a price of $50 I would type

/vm item give bob123 3 1 50

More about this can be found on their Wiki page.

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