How to play Minecraft with friends on PC at home?

Learn the steps to play with friends

The ultimate guide on how to play MInecraft with friends (for beginners and existing players) - (options, modes, instructions and hacks)Everything covered for you to get started and play online with option to join free Minecraft servers at SeekaHost.

The detailed step by step explanation will teach you how to get your friends to join your server and the tips to build your own community. And earn money from the game you enjoying playing. So it becomes a fun side business you can do online.

Take the time and read all the steps on how you can play Minecraft online with your friends far away. And if you want t skip the read you can watch the video fully and even ask our technical support team to help you on setup.

Learn the steps to play with friends

Introduction to Minecraft

Minecraft is a widely popular game with a very innovative and immersive model. It is actually a video game with a virtual open world model that offers extended access and building powers to the players.

Instead of being bound by specific ecosystems, characters and rules, the players can create their own world by mining, digging, architecting structures and indulging in other similar activities.

Minecraft even allows you to create your own coding and directly integrate it into the game. However, to get most out of these extended features you should know essential rules, guidelines and options. In this interesting tutorial we will tell you how to play Minecraft:

Main Menu of Minecraft

After buying and installing the game you need to go to Minecraft’s site to launch the installer and run it. Next, go to the menu of games and choose the desired game that you wish to play.

It will open the new screen with a name and password field. Enter your registered name and password and set other details like the number of players, game language, graphic, sound, and other essential options.

Your first game as a beginner

Choose the desired player option and click Create New World. Give the desired name to your world.

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For enjoying more controls on the world that you have created, select More Options. Precisely it will turn on the game cheats. The complexity level of game cheats would be increased each time you clear a higher level.

Different modes of Minecraft

There are various modes that Minecraft offers the players like:

  • Survival Mode: Here you will act as a general character whose task is to collect and mine the necessities to survive
  • Create Mode: In this mode, you will get diverse tools essential for survival and your task is to create different worlds
  • Adventure: As the name suggests, in this mode you can enjoy interesting challenges where your mission is to constantly accomplish multiple missions to realize you’re the ultimate goal
  • Spectator: In this mode, you can observe other worlds by being present as an invisible spectator
  • Hardcore: In this, you have a very active role to play and both the challenges and consequences are more intense. Moreover, your character can even be killed without revival.

Important factors to consider while playing Minecraft

In order to enjoy the best Minecraft experience and play confidently you need to keep in mind some essential factors. Here are a few of them:

Server: Server plays an important role not only in enhancing the overall experience of the players but more importantly keeping the hackers at a bay. So make sure that you use a high-performance server with inbuilt anti-hack provisions.

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Lifesaving Kits

Home servers also provide kits that can work as a lifesaver. Using the one as a beginner can help you a great way but it does come with some trade-offs. For instance, you may need to forego the cornucopia chest if you won’t use one. Also, check if the kit is complimentary or you need to pay something extra to buy it.

Good Armor

You need good training to be able to fight with full force and during the initial stage your objective is not to defeat the enemy but to defend yourself. So, instead of concentrating only on the weapons, find the kit with the best armor to defend you against the enemy’s attack.

How to play Minecraft with your friends?

Before we tell you about techniques of playing Minecraft , it is important to know how to play minecraft with your friends, i.e., how can you connect your friends or join them to play Minecraft.

Minecraft allows you to use LAN for connecting with your friends and playing Minecraft together with anyone who is within your Local Network’s Range.  For creating a LAN world for your friends, they should be present at your house and connected to your WiFi.

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Steps to make a LAN world

  • Open Minecraft and connect with your single player world
  • Now open the game menu by pressing Esc key
  • Now press the option Open to LAN and select the desired game mode for other users and whether or not to allow the cheats
  • Press Start LAN World

Joining a LAN world

  • Go to Minecraft and click Multiplayer tab
  • Go to the bottom of the list. Here you will find listing LAN World containing the username of your friend followed by the world name

If you are a serious Minecraft player and looking for a premium experience then it is advisable to buy a Minecraft server. Many hosting providers offer reliable Minecraft server packages and you can choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

Now you might ask why you need a Minecraft server when you can play Minecraft with your friends for free. Buying your own Minecraft server offers you several benefits.

Benefits of playing Minecraft with your friends through your server

  • The choice to select any of your desired Minecraft versions
  • No limit on the number of friends who can join the game (you can upgrade your Minecraft plan anytime to increase the number of players)
  • It enables you to modify Minecraft past Vanilla
  • Buying modded Minecraft server is the ideal option to consider if you wish to enjoy the deluxe playing experience and flexibility on your Minecraft Java Edition with your friends

Note: One thing that you should consider is that joining the Bedrock Edition server is possible only through PC with Windows 10 edition, iOS and Android. It is not possible through other platforms like PS4, Nintendo Switch, etc.

Creating your Minecraft server

  • First check the plans details and pricing on your hosting provider’s site and select the one that you wish to buy. Proceed with your order and pay the price following the instructions
  • Depending upon your hosting provider you will see the success message after completing the ordering process or may get the confirmations through mail
  • The mail will contain all the key information as well as for instructions for connecting to the server
  • Visit game panel to find your IP address through which you can connect to your server

A Complete Guide To Setup A Minecraft Server

Joining a Minecraft Java Edition Server

  • Visit Minecraft site and head to the Multiplayer tab
  • Click Add server option at the bottom and enter the desired name in the server name field. Now provide the server IP address and port. Press Done
  • You will be redirected to the multiplayer tab with the selected server added to the list
  • Select server and the press the option Join Server it will connect you to the server.

Joining a Minecraft Bedrock Edition Server

  • Visit Minecraft and press the option Play
  • Press Add server on the servers tab
  • Provide the Server name in the relevant field and provide your IP address in the Server Address field.
  • Don’t add port
  • Now enter your server port into the Port field
  • Save it and click the desired server that you wish to join.

Creating/Joining Minecraft Realms

Minecraft also offers you the option of in-built Realms as an alternative to using server hosting. Be ready to forego the benefits of your own Minecraft server though. There are several limitations and specific conditions of Realms that can prevent you from enjoying the Minecraft friends to its fullest

Limitations of Minecraft Realms

  • Limited player slots
  • It doesn’t permit players to use mods/plugins
  • Only specific members can join as per the restrictions
  • No support available
  • Due to the limited resources/service/experience, it may turn out to be an expensive affair (when comparing cost vs. advantages)

Steps to create a Realms Server (Java Edition)

  • Go to Minecraft and select Minecraft Realms
  • Click Buy Realm by scrolling to the screen’s bottom
  • You will be redirected to subscription setting page of Minecraft site
  • The existing Realm setup users will be shown a listing with it. If not then you can set up your realms by clicking Subscribe option
  • You will be redirected to the page where you can pay and purchase the realm
  • Return to the Realms tab and you will find the listing and a green light near it. Press it. Now you can play by clicking the Play button.

Joining a Realms Server (Java Edition)

  • Your friends should invite you to the Realms server
  • If you wish to invite your friends on your realms then head to Configure realms and press the tab Player
  • Click + and enter the username of your friend It will send the invitation to that friend
  • Click the icon new invitations on the top of the Realms’ page to see various realms that have invited you to join. Select the desired realm and then press play

Creating a Realms Server (Bedrock Edition)

  • Go to Minecraft and click play
  • Head over to World tabs
  • Click create new to build a new Realm
  • After clicking you can either decide to use the existing Realms world or create a fresh one
  • For this option to work you should be signed in to your Xbox Live account. You can also create a trial account that is valid for 1 month. Once registered, click the Realms section on top of the screen and then click your Realm listing
  • Click on buy now option and pay your monthly charges following the instructions
  • For joining the Realms, you should have been invited
  • For inviting other players to click the pencil-shaped icon just near your Realms’ name and select the option “Members”
  • Get the invite link by clicking the share tab. Share the link with the friends whom you wish to join
  • By clicking on the link they can create or sign in to their Xbox live account which will automatically add those friend to the white list of your Realm
  • In case if your friends have sent you the joining link then just click the friend tab to see the listing. You can now join by selecting it.

Now you would be eager to know how to play minecraft. PC, laptops, handheld mobile devices, and other devices with internet connection can be used to play this game. Here we will concentrate on a few options:

How to play minecraft on your PC?

  • Download the latest version of minecraft game on your PC.
  • It is a paid version and the one-time price for downloading Minecraft is USD at the time of writing. But you can confirm the price by going to the Minecraft official website as the prices are subjected to change.