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How to Setup Player Permissions on a Server with Luckperms Plugin

player permissions plugin

How to setup player permissions on a server so they can use certain commands using the LuckPerms plugin.

How Do Permissions Plugins Work?

The way permissions plugins work is they give a range of commands that you can specify for player groups. When you aren’t a server operator on a server you can access any commands, using a permissions plugin you can assign commands you want your users to use and specify what commands, how long and where they should work.

How to Setup Player Permissions on a Server with Luckperms

  1. Download the Luckperms Plugin.
    luckperms plugin
  2. Stop your server and upload it to your server.
    upload permissions plugin
  3. Start your server and log in to your server.
    login to server
  4. Type /lp editor into your chat bar (make sure you are op on the server) then click on the link provided.
    open luckperms
  5. Now choose the default group on there and open it (this is everyone that joins the server)
    permissions groups

  6. Now add in the permissions nodes on the bottom, add context or time scales to how long the group can have the command to use.
    add permissions to players in minecraft]

Where Can I Find the Permissions for the Commands?

Plugins don’t have a universal place they have their permissions nodes for you to use. However, the best place to find them is by first searching on the download plugin page for a wiki, or permissions page. Alternatively, they might have it in their discord or another place. 

Most well-known plugins will display their permissions somewhere so it’s up to you to find them and use the permissions you need to give your players the commands.

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