How to Stop /list Spam in Console

We have a great tutorial on how to stop/list spam in console. There is nothing worse than going to check on the server console to find lines and lines of /list displaying on your console. A quick fix is just to add a few more lines of code to stop this happening. We have a video tutorial and a easy step by step written tutorial further down.

It can always be worrying when writing any code, especially if you have never had any experience doing it. To make it easier we have left picture examples displayed underneath.

What is the list command and what does it do?

Multicraft uses the /list command to check if your server is online, as well as the number of players on it. You can also use plugins such as Console Spam Fix to prevent this from showing up in your console and spamming your logs.

Tutorial on How to Stop /list Spam in Minecraft Console

Step 1

Log into your multicraft control panel, then open the Files folder, select FTP file access and then login using your password.

Multicraft control panel

Step 2

On the commands.yml file press edit on the right hand side to edit the code.

Step 3

After – version $1- press Enter to go down to the next line, there press the spacebar twice and type.   list:

Written like this. Space, space, list, colon

Next press Enter again and type  – []

So written down thats. Space, space, hyphen, space, two closed parenthesis 

Step 4

Now go ahead and restart your server, its all done.

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