How To Use Anti Xray Engine On a Paper Server

How To Use Anti Xray Engine On a Paper Server

Find out how to enable the prebuilt anti Xray engine with Paper server to get some of the best anti Xray features with no plugins required.


Anti Xray Engine with Paper Jars

A not so well-known feature with paper servers is its brilliant anti xray system it has already programmed into your server. On many servers this is set to false so isnt working as default and it only required one change to be active!

They provide three engines:

Engine 1: Will block out any ores and blacken out the view of anyone using xray. Making it near impossible to find any ores by using popular xray methods and exploits.

paper anti xray engine 1

Engine False: This is set to false and doesn’t provide any anti xray features.

anti xray false

Engine 2: This is another popular engine choice as it shows ores in hidden blocks also, making it impossible to determine what blocks are ore and what aren’t when your x-raying.

xray engine mode 2

How To Enable Anti Xray on a Paper Server

  1.  Go to your server files, often labelled as FTP Access on server.
    accessing anti xray files
  2. Now select the config folder on your server.
    server config files
  3. Select edit on the paper-world-defaults.yml file.
    enable antixray on minecraft server
  4. Now just change the false to read true next to enable, then choose your engine mode and input the required one in the highlighted area below replacing the current number. Then save the file and restart your server.
    anti xray engine mode for paper servers


Using the in built anti xray engine you have a much better chance to stop players using xray plus you won’t be overloading your server with other plugins that try to do the same job (often not as well).

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