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December Giveaway Competition | SeekaHost Minecraft Servers


Minecraft minigames

Welcome to our second giveaway competition for you to win real prizes here with SeekaHost just in time for Christmas.

December Competition With SeekaHost

We are back with our second competition and this is a good one. Not only have a we created a Minigames server for everyone to play on but we have also introduced a bit of a competition to it. Check last month’s competition and winner.

Rather than building and designing like last month, we are going to be looking for the highest wave reached on the Villager Defence Minigame.

This is a single or multiplayer game so you can play on your own or as part of a team. Just be aware there can only be one winner, so if we end up with matching highest waves, we will then look at highest kills/levels. More details in the section underneath of how we will score the winning contestant.

So get scoring to get the highest wave in order to get your hand on our prize for this month!

lexland minigame server

Competition Requirements and Information

The competition has no requirements in terms of being an existing customer or not, anyone can enter.

To win, you will first need to log in to our Minigames server.

  • Version: Java 1.17.1
  • Server Address demo.seekahostservers.com

Go to the Village Defence Portal and then click the sign to start a game.

Survive the waves and get to the Highest Wave Possible before dying to win.

lexland minigame server villager defence

Scores will be evaluated at the end of the month by admins to determine who has reached the highest wave.

If we find that multiple players have reached the same highest wave, we will then check the following stats to determine the winner:

  • Highest Level
  • Highest Kills (If levels are also matching)

Anyone found to be cheating (we will be checking) will be automatically excluded from the competition and will lose his/her chance of winning.
We reserve the right to ban anyone, if we think they have cheated in any way to alter their score or give them more advantageous gameplay than others.

Winning Prize For This Month

The prize for this month will be a Copy of Java Edition Minecraft. Perfect for a Christmas present for a friend or family, or just to make your second account for better testing of mods plugins and servers.

The winner will receive a copy (by digital download) on the last day of December once the winner has been announced.

This will of course be an official version so you can enjoy all the benefits of having a fully paid for version of Minecraft.

free java edition minecraft

How to Enter The Competition

Entering the competition is simple, join the game and start surviving waves to score the highest.

Server Address demo.seekahostservers.com

All scores can be seen by admins with the right permissions and you won’t be able to see other players’ scores. You can keep track of your highest wave by visiting the Villager Defence in-game lobby.

Register Your Name

You will need to join our Discord group in order for us to contact you after winning though, this is important as we can’t contact you through the Minecraft server.

To find you easier, please join our discord and leave your in-game player name in the competition channel. This way, if you win we can contact you through discord to send any prize/prizes over.

SeekaHost Minecraft hosting

November Competition with SeekaHost

Minecraft give away

Join us in our monthly Minecraft competition. Find out more about how to enter, compete and win some awesome prizes.

As a sign of our appreciation we want to give back to our amazing Minecraft community. So we will be getting started with our first November competition. Anyone can enter and try to win this month’s prizes.

The Competition

For our first competition we want to keep it simple, the challenge is to recreate the best SeekaHost logo in Minecraft. The winning entry will also have their logo featured in our Facebook Groups, Discord Group and on our next Newsletter.

The logo we would like recreated in Minecraft is the one below.
seekahost minecraft hosting logoThe background is completely up to you! Create the above logo, however, we do love to see some creativity so extra additions can be advantageous. The challenge is to keep the logo authentic while making it unique with some added creativity.

Your logo design will have to be created in a Minecraft world rather than an editor, and you can use any added-in game mods, blocks or texture packs to make it look even more amazing!

The Prizes

Of course the most important part is what you can win if your logo gets chosen. So lets take a look at the prizes for this month’s competition!

Prize 1

2 Months Free Minecraft Server Hosting

Get yourself a completely free Minecraft server for two months or for existing customers get 2 months for free on your package. This will apply for the golden sword package. Holding up to 36 players and 4 GB of ram meaning you can even set up the larger Modpacks and play.

For existing customers, we will wave your current package for the next two months or you can choose another package to host for two months.

Prize 2

seekahost t shirt

SeekaHost Merch

An awesome, comfy new SeekaHost T-shirt for them long Minecrafting expeditions. Type and size can be discussed after the winner is announced.

How To Enter The Competition

As previously mentioned, anyone can enter. You can do this in one of two ways listed below.

Make sure to include the whole logo in the picture! We will contact you, if you are the lucky winner via the same socials you used to share your creation with us.

The last day to enter your submission is the 30th of November 2021. The winner will the be announced the next day.

Facebook Group

You can join our Facebook group and share your finished picture there. We will then contact you via Facebook. Advantage: The whole community gets to see your creative genius!

Discord Server

You can also submit your finished logo in our Discord Group. We will then contact you from discord (make sure to stay on our discord server for us to message you back). Advantage: All members will see your creation and can get involved!

We look forward to a Minecraft Design Festival with our vibrant SeekaHost community!

Minecraft give away

Please note: After you submit your graphic, you agree to our terms and conditions and give SeekaHost permission to use your logo for marketing purposes as outlined in this competition. Because you are using the patented SeekaHost logo for your work, SeekaHost reserves the right to use any images created containing the SeekaHost logo for its own purposes. You will be required to get SeekaHost’s permission to use your graphic with the SeekaHost logo for any other purposes. For more information about the copyright of images, please check this website.