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How to Stop Minecraft Server Lag

How to stop lag on your server

As we are all aware, server lag can always be an issue.  It could be from too many entities and farms, too huge Redstone machines or simply a hugely explored worlds making a huge file size.

There are how ever a few methods you can use to help with this. And primarily we will be using the view distance and decreasing it. The reason we would decrease the view distance is simply because of the amount of entities, blocks, lighting graphics or movement graphics it has to load up.

How Would This Stop Minecraft Lag?

So if you think about it per player, on a single player world there is only one player loading up 10 chunks all around them.

This one player may have up to 50 entities loaded up around them, from paintings to item frames, cows to villagers and any floating items yet to be picked up.

Now if your running a small server with 10 other players, then suddenly the server isnt just loading up 50 entities, it could now be up to 500 entities plus each player and what they are doing in the world at that time.

What View Distance Should I Use?

The default will usually set you onto 10, how ever for Survival Servers I would suggest using about 7 if your server is having a hard time keeping up with it.

For a  Minigame you could even go as low as 4 depending on what the game type is and if it hinders gameplay or not.

Reducing Minecraft Server Lag with Plugins

If you run a Java, Nukkitx or MCPE server you can also find helpful plugins that will help reduce your server lag. Some will simply clear floating items where as some others will also check that no player is able to build anything that could bring your tps down (lag machines).

How to Stop Minecraft Server Lag


View Distance

Step 1

Head to your multicraft control panel and stop your server. The go to Files, Config Files and then Server Settings.

Step 2

Scroll down to the View Distance option and type in a lesser amount that was is currently displayed if you want to reduce it.

Step 3

Save the changes, go back to the main page and restart your server.

Installing Plugins

Step 1

Head to your multicraft control panel and stop your server. The go to Files, Config Files and then Plugin List or FTP File access if you have downloaded the plugin you want to use already. In our video we use a clear lag plugin for Java, if you want to use that the page link is here.

Step 2

Find and install the plugin you want to use, if your unsure how to install a plugin we have a video on our Server Tutorials you can follow

Step 3

Configure your plugin to suit your server, by going to Files, Config Files, and then finding the relevant .yml folder for your plugin and clicking edit.

Step 4

Once completed and saved, simply start your server back up.

How to stop server lag