What Is a Lodestone

What Is a Lodestone in Minecraft & How to make a lodestone

A simple and easy explanation of What Is a Lodestone Minecraft and how you are able to use it to assist you through your survival world in all three Dimensions.

We will also explain how to craft a Lodestone and how to find a Lodestone in its natural environment.



What Is a Lodestone in Minecraft?

A Lodestone is a block that combined with a compass will fix the position the compass points too. It can be crafted, found and given via commands.

To give via commands ,type / give (playername) lodestone 1 on Java. On Bedrock, type / give (playername) lodestone 1 0

In addition to this, for a more detailed explanation, you can also check out the wiki.

How To Use a Lodestone

To use a Lodestone once you have acquired it, you will need to click on it once placed somewhere with a Compass to activate its ability. It is now set to this Lodestone and no matter the distance, it will still point you back in the same direction. You can change the compass direction to another Lodestone by clicking the other Lodestone with the same compass.

Why Use a Lodestone

This block is used to be able to find your way back to a previously visited location. You can use it to find your nether portal entrance or your house.

You can even use these to design some fun Minigames or Easter eggs hunts.

What Is a Lodestone

How to Reset your Compass

To reset your compass, all you need to do is break the original Lodestone block that you linked that particular compass too.

How to Make a Lodestone in Minecraft?

To craft one you will need:

  • 8 Chiseled Stone Bricks
  • 1 Netherite Ingot
  • Alternatively, you can use the picture below

What Is a Lodestone

Where You Find a Lodestone Naturally

To find a Lodestone naturally in your Minecraft world, you will need to find a Bastion Remnant. You may be able to find one by checking all the chests in the area.

Bastion Remnants are large, castle-like generated structures found in the Nether in all of the biomes except basalt deltas. Piglins spawn in this structure on generation.  Furthermore, a Magma Cube spawner generates in treasure rooms. They are guarded by Piglin Brutes.

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What Is a Lodestone

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