Direwolf20 Modpack Overview

Lets take a look at The Direwofl20 Modpack. With tons of mechanics, nuclear power, fluid transfer, thermal worlds and so much more.

Direworlf20 modpack

What Is The Direwolf20 Modpack?

A modpack from the Direwolf20 YouTube series, for the public to play along with. Its a large modpack with a lot of mods and tweaks. Primarily this seems to be based on mechanisms, power generation from natural or nuclear ways. It also has immersive engineering, thermals and so much more.

Direworlf20 modpack 2

From mod grinding machines to complex wiring and transfer systems. This is a dream for any engineer player out there. You could make yourself a whole factory grinding out mods, ores, and anything else imaginable.

What makes the difference is how futuristic this feels. You can create shrink rays, computers, circuit board systems and stuff you would never imagine to be in Minecraft.

Direworlf20 modpack 3

You can download this modpack straight from the FTB Launcher.

Getting Started With Direwolf20 Modpack

A good way to start is by following the quest process. This way you can work through a lot of the quests for many mods and learn all about what features your able to craft yourself.

With so many features available its easy to get lost with this modpack so its better to start easy and make your way to more advanced crafting.

Direworlf20 modpack quests

Work your way through the galaxy with an awesome Interactive map of your shrines.

Direworlf20 modpack shrines

Tech and Machines in Direwolf20 Modpack

The amount of technical items found in this modpack is almost over whelming. I had a look through almost all of them and you have so many options. Not only would you have fluid or power transfer pipes but they even have added extra ones in case you want to change the look of your machines.

If you want to build a transporter to take you to your favourite locations, you can! Just make sure to read the manuals as they provide a huge amount of information about how to build and use most of the machines.

Direworlf20 modpack transporter

Mining has never been easier with laser’s, drills and a variety of other machines you can craft to make your mining life easier. Gone are the days where you have to mine for a few hours to get yourself the ores you need to build you machine, tool or item.

Research how to build your drilling machines and once done, go get them ores in style.
Direworlf20 modpack lazer

RF Tools Utility

Want more than just old buttons, repeaters and switches? You will be pleasantly surprised to see there are a huge range of switches, electronic pieces and items you need to run a well oiled factory.

With all sort of buttons, switches and circuits available you can craft the most bizarre or realistic factory’s/power stations.

Direworlf20 modpack utility

Other Features in The Direworlf20 Modpack

With hundreds of mods, its hard to name them all. It took a while just for me to look through a few in fact. Some notables ones are the storage systems, upgradable chests. Meaning you can start with a certain chest and upgrade as you go along and need more space.

Backpacks are always good to see as normal functionality mods that help your day to day Minecraft day are usually the best. And with all these extra Craftable items you will need the space.

Direworlf20 modpack backpack

I also saw that they have the whole thermal series of mods included if that what you like.

thermal items

Playing Direworlf20 Modpack Online on a Server

Here with SeekaHost you can install this easily using our 1 click modpack installation. Grab a server from our hosting page and once loaded up simply follow our instruction on this article if you havent used our system before to get it installed.



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