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FTB Beyond Modpack Overview

Yet another great technical FTB Modpack to try out on your Minecraft server and play with friends.

ftb beyond modpack

What Is FTB Beyond Modpack

Here we have another Feed The Beast Modpack full of tech, magic quests. Its quite a large modpack so you might need a semi powerful machine to run it. Ours even struggled at points due to the amount of mods, options quests and claiming you can do.

Traverse the beautiful world generation and find a place to call home. Increase your technical skills and start farming your crops and other resources in much more technical ways.

ftb beyond modpack

This modpack goes a step further with introduction of computer systems for your Minecraft with circuit boards and other much more technical things. Playing FTB academy is advised to learn a lot of these mods.

For the technically minded or simply those that want to learn or have a new experience. This is one to try out if you want a super techy base.

Along with tech, it wouldnt be a FTB modpack with out some sort of magic. Again magic and special weapons are all part of the adventure on FTB Beyond.

Craft special and more mundane weapons for every day use. Use them to conquer dragons or simply dig up the sand.

ftb beyond modpack

Farming on FTB Beyond

Not happy with the usual farming methods they have added a number of other crops and method to farm. Of course starting with the regular farming your used too, leading up to fully automated farming and storage system to bring your base up to the 21st century.

ftb beyond modpack farming

Lots of Extra Features In FTB Beyond

The items and mods are endless, but your sure to find features you want with this modpack. Create amazing bee and honey production. Make a fully furnished and working office and computer, decorate your whole base with unique items.

The list is simply endless with this modpack. You also get some really cool world generation as default which makes traveling to find new adventures really fun.

ftb beyond modpack

Complete quests, its optional but a great way to progress through out the game and make the most out of all the mods in your disposal. You also have some great guides to help you with the more technical aspects of the modpack. We suggest taking a long read before getting started.

ftb beyond modpack quests

Playing Online With FTB Beyond Modpack

To play online wiht the FTB Beyond modpack simply choose a hosting package at SeekaHost, and request the modpack from the support tickets and we can do all the hard work for you. please be aware that large Modpacks will require at least a 4gb ram server package.

To download the modpack to your PC, install the FTB launcher and install the modpack by searching it by name. Its by far the easiest way of setting it up.


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