Brewing Potion Guide For Minecraft Potion Recipes.

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Minecraft Potion Recipe Guide for The Brewing Stand

Potions can be so helpful in Minecraft in so many ways. From turning invisible to other mobs. Giving yourself an extra speed boost, increasing your re generation and even extra fire resistance. So, we wanted to make an easy-to-follow guide to simply get the potion recipe you require!

What Do I Need to Start Brewing?

  • Brewing Stand.
  • Blaze Powder for fuel.
  • Glass Bottle.
  • Water to fill Bottle.
  • Nether Wart

Potion Recipe Selector

The Starter Potion Recipe

Before we start choosing the recipe you need to know how a potion is first made. You need to have an Awkward Potion, Splash Potion, Lingering Potion, Mundane potion or Thick potion. These will then create different recipes. Think of them as the base of the potion.

minecraft brewing potion recipes

You need one of these potions to then carry on down the line to create the end potion, the finished one with the effects you require.

Awkward Potion

awkward potion brewing

The most common potion as this can create almost all recipes from this potion.  You most likely will need an awkward potion to get started.

Add your blaze powder to your brewing stand to fuel it and add the two ingredients below.

Awkward Potion Recipe

  • 1 glass water bottle
  • 1 nether wart

Splash Potion

This is if you want to make a splash potion version of any other potions. Add the ingredients below, then follow with the rest of the potion recipe. you can also upgrade this to a lingering potion by following the steps after the ingredients.

Splash Potion Recipe

  • 1 glass water bottle
  • 1 gunpowder

Lingering Potion Recipe

Follow the splash recipe above, once brewed then brew again with a bottle of dragon’s breath to change a splash potion to a lingering potion.

Mundane & Thick Potion

mundane potion

These potions are relatively useless in Minecraft. We don’t have any recipes in this list that need them. Comment down in the comment section if you have some good uses for them?

Mundane Potion Recipe

  • 1 glass water bottle
  • Either one of these: Sipder eye, Blaze powder, redstone, sugar, mgma cream, gold watermelon, ghast tear.

Thick Potion Recipe

  • 1 glass water bottle
  • 1 Glowstone dust 

Minecraft Potion Recipes

minecraft potion guide

Potion of Night Vision

Using this potion you can finally see in the dark and avoid them dangerous mobs. The potion comes in a 3-minute time scale or an 8 minute if you add an extra ingredient.

Night Vision Potion Recipe (3:00)

Night Vision Potion Recipe (8:00)

longer night vision potion
  • 1 night vision potion (3:00)
  • 1 Redstone

Potion of Invisibility

As the name suggest this will make you go invisible! Not only to players but other mobs too (not the warden, he hears you!) This recipe requires a night vision potion to create this one.

Inivisibility Potion Recipe (3:00)

Inivisibility Potion Recipe (8:00)

brewing longer potion of invisibility


Potion of Fire Resistance

Do you love travelling the nether but hate dying from fire/lava damage? This great potion will help you stay safe from fire damage and give you that all important time to get out of the lava and to somewhere safe.

Fire Resistance Potion Recipe (3:00)

Fire Resistance Potion Recipe (8:00)

Potion of Leaping

Need that extra jumping boost? The potion of leaping will give you the extra jump heigh you need, especially when traversing the nether ot end biomes this will come in handy.

Leaping Potion Recipe (3:00)

leaping potion brewing

Leaping II Potion Recipe (1:30)

leaping II potion 1.30

Leaping Potion Recipe (8:00)

potion of leaping longer

Potion of Slowness

This potion is best used for enemies making sure to slow them down so you can make a safe gateway. Also great for online servers in case you every get another player trying to attack! Create a splash potion of slowness and throw it at them whilst making a gateway.

Slowness Potion Recipe (1:30)

Slowness Potion Recipe (4:00)

Potion of Swiftness

Need to get out in hurry? Or perhaps want some performance enhancing potion to help you win the race? The swiftness potion will help you do just that!

Swiftness Potion Recipe (3:00)

swiftness potion minecraft

Swiftness II Potion Recipe (1:30)

Swiftness Potion Recipe (8:00)

swiftness 2 potion

Potion of Water Breathing

This potion is one of my most used as it allows you to travel under water for much longer and makes it easier for you to find under water treasures, caves and much more.

Water Breathing Potion Recipe (3:00)

potion of water breathing

Water Breathing Potion Recipe (8:00)

longer water breathing potion

Potion of Healing

What else to use with no golden apples? A good old potion of healing that is! Slurp this down whilst in a terrible situation and your life expectancy will drastically increase! 

Healing Potion Recipe

healing potion recipe

Healing II Potion Recipe

healing 2 potion recipe

Potion of Harming

Not so good to use as a potion to take yourself, however, use the splash potion and you have yourself a grenade of harming at your fingertips. Getting chances by another player or mob? Throw one of these and counterattack whilst the enemy is trying to regen their health.

Harming Potion Recipe

potion of harming

Harming II Potion Recipe

harming 2 potion minecraft

Potion of Poison

Much like the potion of harming the potion of poison will give the player or mob effected (if using splash) the poison effect that you often get by enemy witches.

Poison Potion Recipe (0:45)

Poison II Potion Recipe (0:21)

poison 2 recipe minecraft

Poison + Potion Recipe (1:30)

Potion of Regeneration

The potion of regeneration can help in fights where you need to concentrate on pvp and now healing yourself up with hunger and health. Keep regenerating with this potion so you can best defend of attack.

Regeneration Potion Recipe (0:45)

potion of regeneration

Regeneration + Potion Recipe (1:30)

potion of regeneration plus

Regeneration II Potion Recipe (0:21)

Potion of Strength

With such mobs as the wither, the ender dragon and now the warden in since 1.19 having some extra strength on your side will prove very much needed! And if not always set up shop on your server and start selling them to others who need strength potions.

Strength Potion Recipe (3:00)

potion of strength

Strength+ Potion Recipe (8:00)

potion of strength +

Strength II Potion Recipe (1:30)

Potion of Weakness

Last potion we will be looking at is the potion of weakness. The only potion that doesn’t require an awkward potion but instead relies on either a mundane or a thick potion.

Weakness Potion Recipe (1:30)

  • 1 Water bottle
  • 1 Fermented spider eye

Weakness + Potion Recipe (4:00)


Following these recipes, you will soon be a Minecraft master brewer and have all sort of potions for any reason needed. If you want to set up a shop on your server to sell your potions check out our shop plugin tutorial here.

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