15 best minecraft seeds

15 Best Minecraft Seeds: How to Pawn for the best Adventures

Are you wondering what Minecraft seeds are or what are the best Minecraft seeds? In the article, you’ll get to know the best Minecraft seeds and how they will allow you to immerse yourself in new game experiences.

Even though you’re a professional miner or perhaps, just starting out, there’s something you won’t be able to control in Minecraft, and that’s the terrain itself. Minecraft may be brimming with all possibilities, but too frequently you’ll find yourself spawning in a bland, uninspiring world of grassland and the odd chicken.

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Therefore, you’ll need to get the most interesting seeds for Minecraft so that you can really enjoy the gameplay, and also reach a multitude of new rewards like the treasure chests.


First, let us explain what is meant by Minecraft seeds and how to use them to improve your game experience.

What are Seeds in Minecraft?

Minecraft’s seeds are special codes that the game uses to generate worlds, which worlds are full of interesting landscapes and key landmarks that’s ideal for exploration.

The seeds cover everything from jaw-dropping landscapes to thrilling dungeons, most probably filled with bursting with loot.

Using the seeds is simple:, just pick the one you want, whether it’s a great spawn location or idyllic landscape. You have to get the seed up and running by grabbing the digits and placing them into the seed field when you get to creating a Minecraft world.

Minecraft does all the heavy lifting, leaving you only to explore and create to your best content.

15 Best Minecraft Seeds

This list is a collection of the best Minecraft seeds, ranging from the simply functional to awe-inspiring and everything in between.

1. Fast Diamonds (Seed: 939276771201220157; version: 1.8.1)


Fast Diamonds is a great Minecraft seed, especially for those who are in need of diamonds quickly.

You’ll get to spawn quite a couple of desert temples that can be raided for great treasures, and also close to spawning two NPC villages, with one having a blacksmith. Among the temples is one that contains nine diamonds and two emeralds.

2. Mushroom Islands (Seed: 2107564565349426305; version: 1.8.1)

Mushroom Island

Use this seed to add some color to your game of Minecraft, as Minecraft can feel a little brownish and green all of a sudden.

This seed will drop you right in the middle of an ocean filled with mushroom-sprouting islands, with those bright red domes cheering you right up! But if the red domes doesn’t do the trick, perhaps the herds of cows will definitely do.

3. Desert Temple (Seed: 998538147; version: 1.8.1)

desert temple

Desert Temple seed comprises a mesa, plains, and desert biome at an intersection marked by a temple, which you can explore with this seed.

And better still, you’ll find at the bank of a river, the temple, near which river there are some giant squids, and also cows in the fields of the plains biome.

4. Underwater Temple (Seed:-5181140359215069925; version: 1.8.1)


Underwater Temples seed offers a change of location for your Minecraft exploring, that is underwater. And the challenging selection of enemies to defeat, with plenty of secrets to uncover, this is perhaps the best seed for the nautically inclined.

With most seeds restricted to jungles and deserts, Underwater Temples seed make a lot of difference. Not just because famed adventurer Indiana Jones liked temples, doesn’t mean that’s how everyone like them. Nonetheless, this seed makes an exception!

5. Lava And Waterfalls (Seed: 3657966; version: 1.8.1)


Lava and Waterfalls seed presents the peak breaches of cloud level, and bursting with its slopes of lava and water falls.

Just a little trek from spawn, you’ll find this mega mountain region that’s also topped with a wooded area, making it a scenic climb and a solid resource at the same time.

6. Igloo And Winter Forest (Seed: -3500229128833691836; version: 1.9)

Igloo And Winter Forest

Igloo And Winter Forest seed ushers you into the middle of a wintry forest with two cozy igloos, one of which harbors a hidden basement. The secret basement can be found under a rug, and you’ll need to enter it with caution, as there’s a small workshop with a zombie villager in wait.

If you get rid of the zombie villager, you’ll find a compact, underground base with plenty of storage and a brewery, it’s ideal for starting out a snowy biome.

7. Mountain Cliff (Seed: -969535336; version 1.9)


This seed may not produce masses of hidden treasures, but it creates a column of rising stone pillars with cascading waterfalls at its peak and herd of sheep.

However, creative mode is advised as this would make a spectacular location for a fantastic Minecraft tower.

8. Two Small Islands (Seed: -6185261765285097501; version: 1.9)


Two Small Islands seed prides itself on this fascinating premise, getting to two small islands, with a wolf on one and the other having a sheep.

Now, it’s up to you to learn how this survival story unfolds and you have to harvest your only mammalian friends for resources and meat and do everything possible to ensure that your companions are safe.

9. Horses and Desert Village (Seed: 8678942899319966093; version 1.9)

Horses and Desert Village

Within the village there are chests pack of great loot like diamond, horse armor, saddles, gold ingots, and obsidian, everything you’ll need to ride away into the sunset on top of your noble steed.

A really magnificent array of prissy horses on the outskirt of a huge desert village, is what this seed offers as the ideal starting point for equestrian types Minecraft adventure.

10. Deep Ravine and Gold Ore (Seed: 1111; version: 1.8.1)

Deep Ravine and Gold Ore

This seed is a deep ravine cut into the ground right where you spawn. You can take a peek and find what you’re here for actually, gold. There’s also a few blocks of gold ore right on the surface, so that you can gather all in practically no time.

11. Many Biomes (Seed: -8913466909937400889; version: 1.8.1)


Many biomes contain all of Minecraft’s various biomes in one, and packed into a reasonable kilometer. Just a simple stroll and you’ll get to know everything about landmass.

If you want to see it all, and you’ve got a strict time management, then this seed is for you.

12. Mountain In The Sky (Seed: -969535336; version: 1.8.1)

Mountain In The Sky

Mountain In The Sky is for the mountaineer, as this seed will spawn you at cloud level on the amazing mountain structure. In fact, the whole of the mountain forms an island, with really cool geography to explore.

It’s much higher into the sky than even the clouds, and has flatter sections which are home to some biome-style savanna trees.

13. Mushroom Kingdom (Seed: -8504220077033419916; version: 1.6.4)

Mushroom Kingdom

You just won’t want to miss this fantastic mushroom biome with hills biome right next to each other, which you can spawn right on the border. But you have to make sure you’ve selected ‘Large Biomes’ when using this seed, as you’ll find a different world without it.

14. Dossier (Seed: Dossier; version: 1.6.4)


This conspicuously named Minecraft seed is what you’ll want to turn up immediately. You’ll find a village, though that’s not the main attraction. Also, there is a little way off the coastline where you’ll find a perfectly flat building just sitting inside the ocean.

If you break in, you’ll find an End Portal. Where there is no more thing you need to contend with; just travel right to The End from the underwater bunker.

15. Diamond (Seed: 1785852800490497919; version: 1.8.1)


Diamond seed has 15 diamonds right at the spawn location, which is a loot paradise seed. And you’ll find the diamonds split to chests in the two desert temples which you’ll soon find, and the third temple hides away some great treasures, too.

No doubts, the Worlds of Minecraft are truly fascinating, and who wouldn’t want to experience this amazing game!

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