FTB Infinity Evolved Modpack Overview

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ftb infinity evolved modpack

What is FTB Infinity Evolved?

This modpack is a quest style modpack with a bit of a difference. Choose between 2 game modes, standard and expert for differing game experiences and hardness. It is a general all purpose pack including both magic, quests, mods and other items to furnish your Minecraft world with.

It has been created for medium sized servers, and also used fast craft to help with performance when playing with other players. Immerse yourself in a worlds of magic, technology and quests to make your way through the world.

Quests on FTB Infinity Evolved

ftb infinity evolved quests

As you make your way through the world you can also complete quests to keep things interesting. You can easily check your progress and unlock more as you complete previous quests.

This is a brilliant way of keeping you interested in the world as not everything is accessible at first and you have to build your way to completing all the quests.

Another cool feature is the data provided about yourself in game, for instance how many times you drowned, burned in lava ect.

ftb infinity evolved data book

Tech, Power and Machines

As previously mentioned this is has been build as an all purpose pack. Meaning that if you rather go off and be a wizard that brews potions, you can.

ftb infinity evolved magic

Want to create power, with power lines and fluid transfers to your factory machines? You also can do that with an incredible range of powered items, fluid and power transferring pipes, Power capacitors and much more.

ftb infinity factory

You can now increase the rate you do most things with high powered machinery doing most of the work for you. Just make sure to check out the wiki page for more information of crafting these or setting them up. Some are a bit complicated or sometimes its just better to have some prior knowledge. FTB Academy is a good place to learn about FTB mods.

ftb infinity evolved fluid pipes

Dimensions in FTB Infinity Evolved

As with most FTB Modpacks, you have the option of travelling to different dimensions. Where its creating portal to go back and forth or using the dimension tool. This makes playing much more fun with lots of different options and places to go.

ftb infinity evolved dimension

Extra Items You Can Use

This modpack has some really good extra items that you can use whilst playing. From computers, printers and office furniture to furnish your home.

ftb infinity evolved computer

To back packs you can craft in all sorts of colours to bring extra items with you when trying to create your factory or power station.

Playing FTB Infinity Evolved on a Server

This modpack of course if much more fun playing online with others. Here at SeekaHost you can add the modpack with just a few clicks. For a guide on adding this modpack to your server, check out our post on how to add a modpack to our servers.

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