create custom commands in multicraft

How to Create Custom Commands in Multicraft with SeekaHost

Learn how to easily create custom commands that players can type in game using multicraft.

how to create custom commands

What is The Create Command Option?

This might be a feature you have looked at but never really played around with. This gives you the ability to create a custom command to run when a player types a specific phrase in chat.

This means you can easily create a Teleport to Spawn command with out even needing to add a permission plugin or teleporting plugin. For this example we will be creating a spawn teleporter using the “Create Command” option on your multicraft. This is for Java servers currently.

create command in multicraft

What Commands Can I Use?

You can use any default Minecraft command here. You can also add custom commands using plugins and then finding out what the command is. For instance if you are using the Essentialsx plugin then you can search for its commands and then use these for your custom command.

create custom commands in mulitcraft

How to Create Custom Commands

First of all navigate to Advanced > Commands.
create custom commands multicraft

Now click on “Create Command“.

create command Minecraft

What All The Options Mean

create command name option

Name: This is where you name your command, this is for your reference and doesnt get shown in game.

creating custom commands

Required Role: Here you can determinate what role is able to use this command. If you wanted everyone to use it, then would leave it as none, guest or user. These are the other options you get.

  • None
  • Guest
  • User
  • Moderator
  • Super Moderator
  • Administrator
  • Co Owner
  • Owner

create command prerequisite

Prerequisite: This is a command that would need to be run before you type in your custom command in game. For example you might decide that the player has to run the “Player List” command in game before executing your custom command. If you set a prerequisite then the  custom command wont work untill the you have executed the prerequisite command first.

You can leave this blank and then you custom command will work whenever you type it into chat.

create command chat option

Chat: This is what a player would have to type into chat to run the command, you dont need to add a forward slash. You can simply type in a word to use.

create command response

Response: By adding a response the player will get a message back in chat when using the command. For example after using the command you might want to confirm it happened by adding “command executed” as a response to the player.

create command run

Run: Here you type in the command you want to execute. You dont need to add a forward slash in front of the command.

Example of Creating a Custom Command

So for this example ill be creating a command to teleport players back to the main spawn.

For the Name option ill simply choose a name ill be able to remember as a reference. So ill just type in go to spawn.

creating custom commands

Ill leave the Required Role as none so any player can use this.

creating custom commands

For the Prerequisite ill leave this as none as I want this to work straight away when someone types in the command .

create command prerequisiste

In the Chat option, I’m going to type what the player should type in game to use the command so ill use SpawnMe so its not often accidentally typed in chat.

creating custom commands

For the Response section I’m going to add a message saying “You’ve just been teleported” this will be sent in chat after the player has used the command.

create command run

Finally for the Run option, ill type in the command I want to execute after the player types in SpawnMe. So ill be using tp @p 0 100 0 to teleport them back to spawn.

create command run

Now simply tap “Create” and you can find it on your commands list.


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