How to Stop Tnt and Creeper Explosions

How to Stop Tnt and Creeper Explosions

Here we have a quick and easy Tutorial on How to Stop Tnt and Creeper Explosions. Using either commands or a plugin for Java we shall stop any explosion from destroying blocks. This will stop anyone coming onto your server and destroying you amazing builds. We will be showing in both Bedrock and Java edition how to do this. We also have a helpful video on how to protect your spawn if you run a Java or MCPE edition server here.

Why You Need To Protect You Server

Players which gain access to your server may want to destroy your builds and generally try to stop peoples enjoyment of the server it self. For this they may use many tricks, a lot of these can be stopped with a good Anti-Cheat but unfortunately this wont always stop them using tnt or creepers to blow up structures.

If you want to run a successful community on Minecraft, then you want your players to feel safe knowing they can log off and find their house intact when they log in again.

 How to Stop Tnt and Creeper Explosions

Java Edition

For Java we will be using a plugin called Grief Prevention, this will automatically stop any tnt or creeper explosion. Plus it has a load more amazing features that will keep your players houses safe and also items or mobs held inside their property. To download the plugin click the link here.

Step 1

Stop your server before installing any plugin, then download the grief prevention plugin, you can use the link above.

Step 2

Once installed you can restart your server, you are now safe from creeper explosions, tnt and much more.

Bedrock Edition

For Bedrock we will be utilising two in game commands to stop tnt and creeper explosions.

You will need cheats enabled to be able to access the commands.

  • /gamerule mobgriefing false
  • /gamerule tntexplodes false

The mob griefing will stop the mobs griefing the land, for example creepers exploding blocks or withers destroying blocks.

And the tntexplodes command, when set to false will not let tnt explode to cause damage to blocks.

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