Minecraft for Beginners: How to Get Started with Playing Minecraft Game

Building a Minecraft world is really exciting, albeit a little daunting. And seemingly, with endless possibilities, but how do you get started with playing Minecraft Game?

Minecraft is perhaps the world’s most popular game, but for those coming for the first time to the game, there is often question on how to play Minecraft game. Minecraft isn’t your typical video game, and obviously, no real tutorials to help you get started with Minecraft.

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So, we’ve put together this Minecraft for beginner’s guide to help you get started for your first adventures in Minecraft.


The most fascinating thing about Minecraft is that it presents you an open, endless and free world, which you’re allowed to do whatever pleases you. But you’ll need to understand the basics on how things work.

Getting Started with Minecraft

First, you have to visit to buy and download the game. It is available on most platforms, including Windows, Mac and Linux, also on game consoles and modern smartphones.

But for this guide, we’ll focus on playing Minecraft online for free, and once you understand the basics, then you can apply them to any version on other platforms.

While there is no main goal in Minecraft, but what’s required is a certain flow of gameplay from everyone. You can start in this open world with almost nothing, and move up to gathering materials from scratch to build a shelter, get food, and survive till the next day.

Basic Steps In Playing Minecraft Online

Before proceeding with the gameplay, you’ll need to learn the basic steps on starting a Minecraft, as follows.

Step 1: Start Minecraft Launcher


Step 2: Click Play Button


Step 3: Wait for the Game to Load


Step 4: Select Multiplayer Mode in Minecraft


Step 5: Click on Proceed Button


Now on clicking on proceed, you are ready to connect to a Minecraft server to play Minecraft online for free with your friends. After successfully connecting to your choice of Minecraft server, then click the Game Mode button until Survival is visible.

Standard Controls In Minecraft

The Survival mode is where you need to survive by gathering everything for yourself. It’s recommended that you stick to the use of standard controls, as shown below.

  • Movements (use W, A, S, & D keys): To start the gameplay, you’ll need to be able to move around.
  • Jump (use the Spacebar): After movement, you also need to test out jumpin, which is done automatically on most of the versions.
  • Run (Double tap W): To properly play Minecraft, you’ll need to be able to not only move, but also run.

There are more important actions for the beginner, that are all closely related: such as attacking, mining, and each requires targeting a spot on the screen. Also, if you need to use inventory, use the E key, and use the mouse to look around. And F5 to look through different camera views, break blocks or attack.

Entering the World of Minecraft proper

Minecraft world comprises of areas called “biomes” with different biomes containing blocks and plants, with changes in the shape of the land. The major advancement includes finding all the biomes, which is better explained on the advancements page.

Biomes will directly affect you at the beginning of the game, but no need to worry about specific biomes until you’ve learnt how to play the game. But you may want to read up more about biomes from the biomes page.

In order to progress in Minecraft, it’s important to collect woods, with the most plentiful sources as logs from trees, and they are available in most biomes. These logs are among the items that you can collect without using any tool. All it requires is for you to mine any log of tree with your hand or any other item. And each block drops as an item that could be picked up and put in your inventory on approaching it.

You may also want to collect a couple of more logs for later use, as there are many types of trees in Minecraft, with each having its own name and look.

All the items you gathered is in the inventory, so you need to understand your inventory screen. Some parts of the inventory are accessible always, while others need that you open the inventory GUI. There are many small gray boxes known as “slots” which hold items, and each slot can hold a “stack” of items, but how many depends on the item itself.

As most items stack up to 64, but some like eggs, or snowballs can only stack up to 16. While other items are completely “unstackable” that is, only one item fit in a slot. Those item that take damages, such as tools, weapons, or armor are automatically unstackable, and few other items like saddles or potions.

Tools are those items that allow players to complete tasks, and most tools have different materials with each better than the other. You can use a tool to mine the blocks it’s intended for, which will mine the blocks faster than normal. But, tools lose durability on each use, even if it was to hit an entity, such damages to a tool eventually causes the tool to break.

Exploring More resources

Although some trees look different from others, but all logs function the same. So, with your stone axe, you need to cut down more trees for logs. However, the different logs does not stack together.

Even when you cut down trees, always try to gather the fallen saplings. And if you cut down oak trees, also apples will drop. Once the sun is in the sky, you should explore the immediate area and try to find some coal ore. As coal has all same properties as charcoal and is crafted into coal blocks.


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