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Minecraft Java vs Bedrock Edition: How to Choose the Best Minecraft version?

What you must know about Minecraft Java vs Bedrock Editions! 


If you wish to play Minecraft multiplayer with friends who are far away, you’ll need to know the version of Minecraft they have, either Java or Bedrock Edition, before you buy!

Knowing what’s best for who will save your time and give you the knowledge about Minecraft bedrock and java versions.


Best-MinecraftThe original version of Minecraft, which is available through the official Minecraft website, is known as Java Edition.

While the version of Minecraft that you can get via game consoles, mobile devices, or through the Microsoft Store, is referred to as Bedrock Edition.

Now, it can be a daunting experience deciding which version is right for you, but we’ll try to make things easy for you by listing out the pros and cons of the two versions.

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However, if you’re first to get the game, or you plan to do some solo gaming, there are things to consider before deciding which of the Minecraft version to go for. So, let’s dive right into the article so that you can make up your own mind, whether Java or Bedrock Edition is best for you.


First, it is pertinent that we look at the pros and cons of the two Minecraft versions, before proceeding with how to choose what’s best for you!

Minecraft Java vs Bedrock Edition: What are the Differentiation?

If you’re wondering which Minecraft version to purchase, especially with PS4 now got Bedrock, then you’ll find the main reasons here to go for either version. As always, it all comes down to each player’s personal preferences at the end of the day, but there are certain things that players generally do agree upon.

  • Farms & Spawners: Java edition is best if you like farming, building blocks, mobs and spawners, you should choose this because farms grow faster in the Java edition. But, farming in Bedrock can be a bit buggy and can not compare with Java in terms of productivity. And mob farming especially is a little complicated in Bedrock, which often doesn’t go according to plan. You can only go far and spawn easily on Java farm if perhaps you do everything the right way; Bedrock will most likely take longer periods of time. So in this regard, Java edition is definitely the best.
  • Redstone Power: While Redstone works in Java in a much simpler way, but players who’ve been using Redstone in Bedrock will need to put more effort into the connections between blocks with Redstone power. The Redstone dust is one of the most useful material in Minecraft, and Mojang intentionally made this resource work differently in Java and Bedrock editions. Therefore, Redstone connectivity is more flexible in Java and far easier than in Bedrock edition. Many players dislike the Bedrock Redstone simply because it requires more effort, which means you need to quickly come up with a simple trigger mechanic.
  • Crawling and Swimming: Crawling requires a lot of set-ups in Bedrock edition, while in Java you only have to simply put a trapdoor at the entrance to the area that is one block wide, and you’ll start crawling without getting suffocated. In Bedrock Edition, even when swimming you can easily get suffocated, if you don’t know the tricks of the game by going through a one-block gap and making the game think that you’re swimming while on the ground.
  • Creative Mode: The Survival mode in both Java and Bedrock versions is equally challenging and require lots of efforts for some really cool things to happen. There is no denying the fact, however, that Java Edition is exceptionally easier when it comes to Creative mode. The inventory in Java Edition is perhaps the winning factor here, which makes it far superior to Bedrock Edition. Besides the elaborate categorization of items in the inventory, Java also has a Search Items window, which is indispensable if you need to find specific items by name.

What the above deductions mean is that the two versions are now closer than ever before, and they’re no longer that much different anymore. So now, how do you choose the best Minecraft version for Your gaming needs?

How to Choose the Best Minecraft for Your Gaming Needs

The following factors will ultimately decide which of the two Minecraft versions will be most ideal for your gaming needs!

1. Cross-Platform Play

If you’re after cross-platform gameplay, then Bedrock is better as it allows for cross-platform multiplayer access on consoles, mobile devices, and PC (Windows 10). While the Java Edition is restricted to PC alone, and it only allows you to play with other players on Java, which is a bit more limiting.

2. Modding

Bedrock Edition supports add-ons, and it features more paid content which can be added to the game, whereas the Java version only allows you to install the freely available mods, such as texture packs.

So, if you don’t want to be limited by Microsoft-approved mods, you’ll need to go with the Bedrock Edition.

3. Hardcore & Spectator Modes

Hardcore-Spectator-Modes Reference: Source

Hardcore mode makes it impossible for you to respawn when you die and Spectator mode lets you fly around to view the world, which modes are both only available in the Java Edition of Minecraft.

4. Commands & Servers


There is a small gripe that pertains to commands when you’re using the “fill command” in Bedrock Edition, like hitting the tab key doesn’t fill in the blanks with the appropriate coordinates. Besides this, some commands are completely missing.

Bedrock Edition has some commands that are specific to its version that Java Edition doesn’t have at all. But either way, both editions miss something. Also, there are less dedicated servers for Bedrock Edition, while the Java Edition is way more reliable in getting a dedicated server to play on.

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Should your get Minecraft bedrock or Java?

Bedrock Edition of Minecraft is the best suitable for casual players, as it’s easier to hop into, and more stable than the Java Edition. But if you’re a player that enjoys customizing your world, using commands, working with Redstone or enjoys a customized experience and you already know your way around the Java edition of the game, it’s best to just stick with it.

It[‘s also said the best mods like where you can play at a level where you can die and ting slike where you can fly are only available on the Java mode. So if you want to play the Spectator mode which lets you fly around high and see the world, you better start with the Java edition.

For many people who just want to play for fun with friends who are way at home, the Bedrock version works well. The Bedrock edition is pretty to easy to get started and millions of people are playing Minecraft each month on Bedrock version.

The best advantage of Minecraft Bedrock?

Easy to get started and play and also can play on many platforms.

By now I believe you have a sound idea about the Minecraft Java vs Bedrock editions and what’s best for you. If you need guidance in choosing the edition you wish to play, you can ask it on the live chat support or book a cal back with one of our Minecrafters.

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