15 Minecraft Tips and Tricks to Get You Started & Cool things You Can Do

Minecraft has become really popular, and a lot of newcomers are searching for Minecraft tips and tricks to play the game!

As a result of the complexity of Minecraft, newcomers to the game may find it a little confusing and would need a little guidance to be able to figure out some details about the game. There are several of these tricks tucked away within the game and thousands of fans spent hours exploring the many hidden secrets and details in Minecraft.

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It’s no surprise that there are several of these tricks, with new mobs and items added in every update, there will surely be a bunch of new secrets to the game.


However, we had to narrow it down to 15 major tips and tricks for easy assimilation. It’s not everything out there that is worthwhile for beginners to find out in Minecraft, but most of the interesting and important ones are included.

15 Minecraft Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

Most definitely, this list don’t even come close to covering all the tricks in Minecraft as the game is so expansive. But it will be valuable for beginners to explore the world of Minecraft and see for themselves how much new stuff they can discover on their own.

1. Taking Torches Underwater


In many instances, torches can come to your rescue in Minecraft. First, they lighten up dark places and secondly, they help you to breathe underwater for longer period.

Therefore, when you go on underwater, be sure to take some torches with you. You can use this simple trick of placing the torch on a block, which creates an air bubble for a period of time.

You’ve got to be near to the block for this to work, actually. And it ensures that you can get some extra more breath in emergency.

2. Making Use of Bonemeal


In Minecraft, bonemeal is simple to make from skeletons. And its main use is to fasten the growth of plants. This is useful when you want to build a farm or grow trees for wood to build a house.

It’s pretty easy to find bonemeal because you can get them from skeletons, which are not hard to find. The skeletons are common mobs found at night, and they aren’t hard to kill. So, always make use of bonemeal as an excellent tool for your farms.

3. Preventing Mob Spawners


Mob spawners are extremely frustrating enemies that keep spawning into the vicinity until you are defeated. Except you are able to destroy all of them.

But there is a little trick to destroying them easily, simply place torches around the spawners. This is a great idea than actually destroying it, as torches will prevent the enemies from spawning.

Additionally, if you’d need to farm, you can just have the torches removed to let them spawn.

4. Walk On The Edge


This is a very useful way to expand your movement options with crouching. You can actually walk off on the edge of the block and it is ideal when you are building a bridge or related structure.

But, don’t let go of the crouch button because you will fall, if you do. Therefore, if you’re trying this trick in the air, make sure you are holding onto the crouch button.

5. Avoiding Sleeping in the Nether


If peradventure, you sleep in the Nether, it causes you to explode. Beds are only useful in the normal dimension and creating a checkpoint during your adventure. It’s a must for every house, except of course, if you’re in the Nether.

It’s probably a bad idea if you’re looking to get stuff anything done in the Nether, other than, setting out to fight Blazes and Zombie Pigmen.

6. Milking the Mooshroom


Mooshrooms are similar to regular cows in Minecraft and you can also milk them. They are a special type of cow that are exclusive to Mushroom Biome. But, be warned you won’t get what you expect, because instead of milk, you’ll get mushroom stew.

It is actually useful as the stew can restore your hunger bar. And if you are in the Mushroom Biome, you should try to gather as many Mooshrooms as you can.

7. Carrying Water Buckets


In Minecraft, water buckets are lifesavers in many situations, especially when mining. It is uses to counter random bursts of lava.

You can also use it to climb steep inclines and get to lower grounds. Even use the water to get away from some monsters.

It can create some distance between you and the enemy mobs. But always remember to ensure that you have a few buckets of water left when going into a mine.

8. Using the Snowballs


In the Nether, the Blaze can be a tough enemy to beat through the conventional methods. The fire blasts they emit can knock you into the lava, killing you instantly.

But, they have one weak spot, and that is snowballs. So, make sure you take as much of snowballs as possible when going to the Nether. Using the snowballs is a safer way to defeat the Blaze and it will ensure your safety.

9. Keeping A Cat


Another cool addition to Minecraft are cats and make for such nice pets. But not just having a cat as a pet, it can also serve an important protection function.

Creepers are scared of the cats, so having enough cats around your house, means that Creepers will avoid you. It’s the easiest way to ensure that you don’t run into surprises when farming.

10. Getting A Bodyguard


You may need to get extra help to protect your house and there are two options available. The Iron Golem, a very powerful and also quite durable bodyguards, which you can summon by making the formation as shown in the above image.

Other option is the snow golem, which is summoned with a stack of two snow blocks and a pumpkin. But, it requires a suitable biome such as the snow.

11. Wearing Pumpkin Head

Pumpkin Head

Wearing a pumpkin has some benefits which include helping you fight a powerful foe. For instance, If you’re wearing a Pumpkin, Endermen will never attack you, even when you attack them.

Endermen will only attack those that make eye contact with them, as such, the Pumpkin prevents direct eye contact. Therefore, they will refuse to fight back!

12. Preventing the Zombies


There are several ways of preventing the zombies from destroying your property. As zombies can break down anything, including your door and invading your house.

Nonetheless, the easiest way to prevent them is to have a door set up a block higher. This way the zombies can’t be able to reach it. The other choice is to use fence as they can’t break fences down and it allows you to fight back without risking anything.

13. Using Lava Buckets As Fuel

Lava Buckets

Lava serves as an excellent fuel to use in furnace. So, if you find lava, be sure to mark it. And once you get some buckets, collect as much as possible.

Lava lasts quite a long time, so you can smelt them as much as you wish. It is also among the ingredients in creating obsidian, a very rare block. And as a bonus use, there’s certainly no reason not to carry lava.

14. Using Wooden Slabs

You don’t want many wooden items around the house, especially when you have structures that use fire. That is because a spark can result a huge fire accident.

It can be really painful to watch your hard work burn to the ground. But the Wooden Slabs don’t actually burn. So, you can also get the benefit of the wooden texture without the risks of burning. And it’s the safest way to get wood into your structure.

15. Stacking Up Signs


The best use for stacks mechanic is if you’re making a map. It’s possible to also stack signs on each other, which serves to create the illusion of a big sign, but actually comprising smaller pieces.

This is perfect if you have messages to write or related stuff. You can easily stack signs to create a wall of text with instructions and details about your adventure.

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