Space Astronomy 2 Modpack Overview

Looking for a completely different way of playing Minecraft? If rockets and space-age are your thing then you’ll love this.

With most Modpacks focusing on an older time to suit with the Minecraft game and landscape. The Space Astronomy 2 Modpack has turned that around completely, adding a huge amount of décor items, computers, printers, amazing machines to create space fuel. Parts for your rocket and anything else you might need or a successful rocket station.

space astronomy 2 modpack

Where Can I Download Space Astronomy 2 Modpack From?

As with many popular Modpacks, you can find this on CurseForge and the CurseForge launcher to install and download with only 2 clicks. Find the modpack install and get going on your space adventure.

This modpack has a fair amount of mods so make sure to allocate a bit more ram to your Minecraft launcher if your installing the mods yourself to your pc.

Technology and Decoration Blocks

You can find a huge amount of times to decorate your station with, from the simple lamps, laptops, working printers and more. Thats right, a working printer with ink cartridges and more to print out your important documentation. After all to be a space man you need to have everything checked.

SPACE ASTRONOMY 2 modpack printer

This modpack will need some time to study and learn all about flux, thermal energy and other power sources to create power for your machines. There is a huge range with Immersive Engineering also. You can easily find yourself spending hours trying to finish of a project but its even more rewarding when you get it done.

Its a very robust Modpack including everything that might be needed for components, from pipes, connectors powerlines and much more to get your space station up and running.

space astronomy 2 modpack

You can also find a variety of mini figures, and other decorative blocks that will really make your station stand out to the rest. It gives it a fallout/ realistic feel and I love the way they designed these extra blocks that you can craft. From furnishing your house, to adding external decorations. This modpack has you covered.

space astronomy 2 modpack figurs

Generating Power On Space Astronomy 2

You of course have your method using windmill’s and water mills. But this takes things one step further with a massive amount of generators, capacitors, turbines and anything else you might want to create power. To transfer or even store power. Its a very realistic Modpack and very addictive once you get started.

All the guidance for power generation can be found in the books/guides your given at the start of the game. Keep them safe and read them carefully as they hold the answers to all your power and astrology needs.

What Do You Have To Do in Space Astronomy?

Like many other Minecraft Modpacks this is a sandbox, open world game. And they dont have quests on this one. How ever they do have a powering up system to learn more and create more. Leading to the creation of your rockets and flying into another galaxy.

So you could say that the space, exploration might be the end goal but it doesnt stop there. With so many things to do, create and try its not likely that you will be “completing” this Minecraft Modpack any time soon.

space astronomy 2 modpack generators

Turrets Guns and Weapons

And of course it has a large selection of weapons, guns and turrets. The turret system is one of the best ive seen wiht custom moving turrets, similar but with added ones to techguns. They look really realistic and once powered really pack a punch for any unwelcome guests to your space station.

space astronomy 2 modpack turrets

How to Play Space Astronomy 2 On a Server?

With such a great modpack it would be a shame to play it alone? Check out our hosting packages with SeekaHost and request the modpack from our support. And you can be playing the modpack with your friends the same day!

We also have other fun Modpacks in the 1 Click Modpack installer. And any others that we dont have, we are happy to install for you on your server. Simply create a ticket and we will get it added.

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