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5 Best Minecraft Gun Mod For Java Edition

Lets take a look at the best Minecraft Gun Mod with our list of top 5 Minecraft Gun mods.

We will be covering Minecraft gun mod 1.12.2, 1.16.5 and 1.17.1 so we get a mod for each popular version for Java edition.

minecraft gun mod 1.12.2

How to Add Guns Into Minecraft?

If your looking for the new next thrill in Minecraft and are becoming bored of your regular old sword and axe. Why not try out some of the many gun mods that you have for Minecraft Java Edition? Featuring many varied Minecraft gun mods, we take a look at the 5 most popular gun mods.

We have included some older style flint lock weapons, some more technical weapons with crafting and different ammo and also more standard versions of guns that everyone might be used to from other videogame’s.

How to Add Mods to my Server?

Adding mods to your server has been made very simple here with SeekaHost. Follow the process below to start up your server and then add mods to it.

  1. Stop your server from the multicraft panel.
  2. Go to File > FTP File Access > Login
  3. Once logged in select All so all the folders and files are selected.
  4. Then delete the old server files. (make a back up if you want to keep existing world for another time)
  5. Return to your multicraft main page for your server and select the Forge server jar file for the mods you want to play.
  6. Start your server to load up the files and libraries needed.
  7. Stop your server.
  8. Open your Mod folder and upload the mods to them.
  9. Start your server and connect to it.
    (You need matching mods in your Minecraft Folder on your PC and to have forge loaded with the same version)

Top 5 Minecraft Gun Mods

Number 5 | Ancient Guns 1.16.5

Minecraft gun mod 1.16.5

This mix of ancient guns will do great in any older style server. Whether you want to look like a pirate or simply want to be a group of bandits riding through the Badlands. You certainly will look the part with this ancient beauty’s in your hand. From the classic flint lock to the triple barrels gun. All the Minecraft guns will need to be loaded as you would in the older times and are certainly not.

You get a nice array of bullets and there is some bullet spread making them a bit more realistic. This Minecraft Gun mods has 24 varieties all to be crafted and usable on your server also.

ancient guns Minecraft gun mod

By making these Craftable it means that different players will have different levels of guns. Making it a good option to play between friends, as the player that has spent the most time will reek the best rewards.

Number 4 | Guns, Rockets and Atomic Explosions 1.17.1

guns rockets and atomic explosions

This is the Minecraft gun mod for 1.17.1 we will show as the latest forge is still fairly experimental and there are the least amount of mods for it. This gun mod provided a more realistic and up to date selection of Minecraft guns. From the classic dessert eagle to a rocket launcher that i can only describe as the everything destroyer. By this i mean it shoots a beam that infinitely destroys what is in front of it. Just a tad overpowered right?

minecraft gun mod 1.17.1

You also get a large variety of ammo to go with your weapons. Unfortunately one draw back is the way the gun sits. On the player the rockets seem to just perch on your shoulder rather than in hand like you would expect. They have included the graphics for the pistils and other weapons but this definitely could be one part to be improved.

Over all this mod is good if you want to run a 1.17.1 server with forge with some improvement and bug fixed this certainly could make it up the list.

modded server gun mod

Number 3 | Guns Without Roses 1.16.5

guns with out roses Minecraft gun mod

This simple but effective gun mod will go perfect for a server that likes to use the original materials and ores usually used to show a players authority. In this case done by gold, iron and diamond you have certain levels of guns which you can create with certain ores. Meaning that if you have a stack of diamonds after your long mining session. You will be getting the top notch gun!

They also feature some stats for the gun such as damage, fire delay and accuracy. Using this you can upgrade untill you have yourself a perfect sharp shooter.

Minecraft gun mod 1.16.5

One draw back is the detailing of the guns on the player when you look at him, unfortunately the detail could be improved but if your looking for functionality then you have nothing to worry about! They work 100% of the time.

Using Our servers you can follow along with our mod tutorials to get the mods installed in no time.

minecraft gun mod download

Number 2 | Mr Crayfish’s Gun Mod 1.16.5

minecraft gun mod mr crayfish

This Minecraft Gun mod looks simple to start with untill you notice other cool features you get. Although the selection of guns isnt huge, you get attachments, different gun statistics and all together it makes for a great gun mod.

As mentioned the guns can all be crafted and the recipe’s mostly consist of different amounts of iron. Making it easier to craft and use in a survival server.

minecraft gun mod mr crayfish

One amazing feature is the added enchant books you can acquire. This is to make your guns even more op than adding your extra optics or stocks.

Shooting is also very realistic with kickback and different statistics and bullet drop on each gun.

minecraft gun mod mr crayfish

This Minecraft gun mod has all the well known gun types and ammo to go with them, the ammo is based on the hardness to acquire. For instance some using iron and other better ones needed blaze powder. Meaning this is great for single player and on servers.

Number 1 | Techguns 1.12.2

techguns gun mod


By far the biggest and most detailed collection of Minecraft guns. This fully immersive mod has not only a huge selection of guns and related objects but also more apparel. Lots of ammo types and all Craftable using machines like ammo presses, metal presses and more.

techguns gun mod

Its also has turrets to mount your guns on and also with amazing integration of immersive engendering. Meaning you can create power and power your gun making benches. Taking this mod to the next level! If your looking to join a server with this mod head over to HavoCraft main page.

From the shooting, to the bullet or rocket drop this is by far the best gun mod around. They have a great selection of starting guns and also the hard guns are just that. Hard to craft so you dont end up with players all running around wiht nukes.

Ammo can be made a variety of ways but will also need Just Enough Items to add the extra ores you will need like lead.

Crafting the guns is not only fun but another mechanic that is great is that mods can now also hold guns! Meaning you might just bump into a group of zombies with Thompsons or revolvers. Which talking from experience is a challenge in it self.


No matter what your choice of mod you need somewhere to host it to play it with your friends. Check out our hosting packages to get yourself a great value server with easy mod setup and installation along with lots of tutorial videos.

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