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Server Not Working/Crash | Fixes for Minecraft Servers with SeekaHost

minecraft server fixes

Have you got any errors coming up on your server and need to find a fix? Here we go through all known server issues and provide fixes.

Having Troubles with Your Minecraft Server?

Minecraft server hosting is a great way to play online with your friends and give you full control over the world and settings. 

However, with so many possibilities and access it can be hard to understand the system at first, or most importantly how to fix any errors that pop up.

In this guide we will go over server fixes so you can self-diagnose and fix the problem without even having to ask for help!

However, if you do need help, don’t feel bad asking. Our team are trained and ready to help with any customer issue.

fixes for minecraft servers

There are many reasons to why a server might crash, usually its conflicting files in your server. So, let’s go over some fixes is your server does keep crashing.

1. Diagnosing Minecraft Server Crashes

fix server crash
When your server crashes, it will make a report on your files. You can access these files using your FTP File Access and open the report to read exactly what has happened to your server to make it crash.

how to view crash report on server

How To Fix Server Crashes

Once you open the report, you need to take a look through to look for a reason for failures. The server below was failing to start due to a mod being added to a non-compatible forge version. To fix this I would need to find a mod that suits my exact forge version. Once they match the server will start.

If you are unable to diagnose the problem, please send our support team the crash report and we can help you sort it out.

2. New Server Jar Type Won't Start

changing server jar type

Having troubles starting a new server jar type? If you ever find yourself changing server types, then you need to be aware of a few small tips to make sure it works smoothly every time.

The problem can be when you just change the server jar type to another without deleting old server files

This will lead to the server starting with both files types, e.g. if you ran bedrock and now have changed to forge. Unless you delete the server files before changing over you might end up with a crash or conflicting files/folders within your server.

How To Fix Server Jar Not Starting

There are a few ways to fix this, first of all before starting a new server jar we suggest running a setup. This is found on your dashboard, and you can choose to delete old server files on start up. So, you can set the setup to delete old files, save it and then start with another server jar type and the system will delete your old files and start a fresh with the new server jar files.

Alternatively, we suggest using FileZilla to connect to your server. Delete old server files (leaving a blank server) then starting up using your new server jar type.

3. Modpack Not Working

With modpacks being so unique, using different forge version or mods. It is sometimes hard to tell what the problem might be when installing the modpack.

Some might just not have enough ram to run, some might need different version of forge or fabric or potentially the modpack has been installed incorrectly.

How To Fix Modpacks on Your Server

First thing to check is the readme.txt if the modpack has provided one. This will usually have any common issues or config you may need to do first to make it work. Most modpacks are differently configured so you will need to find the individual config for each modpack.

Next up is making sure your server is empty before uploading the modpack. Leaving older server files will create conflicting arguments to either run a setup to delete server files or use FileZilla and delete the server files before installing the modpack.

You also need to make sure that you’re trying to join your modded server with exactly the same mods and forge type on your pc. They need to match for you to use the mods on your server. This will usually be displayed with a tick on the server list when trying to join. Or an X if you don’t have the correct mods.

If you are having any troubles installing our 1 click modpacks just send in a ticket or use live support and our team can help install it for you. Or give you the guidance to install it yourself.

4. Server Plugins Not Working

Minecraft server plugins are a great way to add new and exciting features on your server.

Like mods they also need to match version. For instance, if you have a plugin that only works for spigot 1.8 – 1.15 and you try to run it on a craftbukkit 1.19.2 server. It will most likely crash or just not load up when you go in game. (You can check by typing /plugins in game as a server operator)

Two problems that mostly come up are is it for the matching server jar version or is it the right Minecraft version.

How To Fix Server Plugins Not Working

+ Check the plugin is compatible for your server type.

  • Spigot plugins work with Spigot servers.
  • CraftBukkit plugins work with CraftBukkit Servers.
  • Both Spigot and CraftBukkit plugins will work on a Paper server.
  • Vanilla versions don’t support plugins.

+ Check the plugin works for your version number.

You can check on the main plugin page or the plugin installation area on your dashboard.

Its needs to be usable for your version. If you’re running a 1.16.5 server then you will need the plugin to work for 1.16.5

plugin versions

Plugins will not work with the following server types.

  • Forge
  • Fabric
  • Vanilla
  • Bedrock

5. Custom World/Map Not Uploading

upload custom world to minecraft server

One of the best parts of a Minecraft server is being able to upload the single player world onto it so you can finally play it with your friends.

Unfortunately, sometimes moving the world over can be tricky if you’re not sure what files to move. We have complete guides to uploading worlds from both Bedrock and Java that you can follow to successfully upload your custom map to your server.


How To Upload a Single Player World

We have a full tutorial that you can follow with the button below that will show you how to upload a java or bedrock world successfully. It is easier to show the correct way to do it rather than trying to find the fault for worlds as the files can be different. But the method to move the whole world is the same.

6. FTP File Limit/Time-out Problem

ftp file limit size

When using multicraft, a common issue is the file limits. 2mb used to be enough but with more features, better mods and plugins this limit can often stop or time out your screen when trying to transfer files. We have an easy fix that is recommended by most server hosting companies due to it being free, easy to use and has no limitation at all.

How to Fix Size Limitations or Screen Time-outs

We recommend to use FileZilla. This free resource is easy to use, and gives you complete control over your server by being able to connect to it and manage your files from your pc. It is the best way to manage your files and has no limits at all.

Find out how to use FileZilla.

7. Cant Connect to Server Problem

cant connect to minecraft server

This is a common issue for new starters to servers. The issue is how you type in the address to the server. Provided the server is online then the issue isn’t with the server itself, rather the connection.

How to Fix Can't Connect to Server Problem

cant connect to server fix

For this you need to understand how a server address works.

For Bedrock version you need to join with the IP and Port typed in separately. You can find your IP and Port from your Multicraft dashboard (highlighted in the picture above)

If you are using a custom domain, the domain replaced the IP and you still need to type in your port underneath.

For Java servers you need to add the IP and Port together with a colon.

To join the server from the picture above I would need to use the address of:

Alternatively, if you use our custom domain creator you will only need to use this address to log into your server, it’s also a great way of hiding your numerical server IP. To join this server, I would use the address of:

8. Server Can't keep Up In Console

skipped lines

This is a common problem for overloaded servers. The simple answer is you have too much going on, on your server. This could be too many mods or too many plugins trying to run at the same time.

This can also be if you installed another server jar without deleting the old files as you have many instances trying to run at the same time.

The simple resolve for this is to trim out any unneeded plugins or mods. Please be aware that removing plugins is fine but removing mods can sometimes make a world unplayable (always test your mods and modpacks before getting into your world building). The best way to avoid this is if you don’t have any items in world from that mod, and also removing the config for the mod also from your FTP file access area.

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